I have had a very productive first half of the day.  On top of that I just received a phone call that instead of working 1:30-6 I am needed from 5:30-10.  Now, I am no night owl, but it will be a nice change of pace to have the entire day at my fingertips!

For lunch:

I finished off the rest of that Amish farmer’s market tomato from Mom, had some cauliflower, carrot sticks, homemade hummus, and salt and cracked black pepper rice cakes.  I also had a small bowl of nuts 😉

I honestly just love nuts and nut butter and get most of my protein in that form.  My mom always said “You are what you eat!”…I guess I’m nuts.

I started my sewing project last night.  Step one:  cutting out the pattern.  I took a picture, but for some reason it didn’t download onto my computer.  I will just say that so far, things are off to a good start!

Things on my to-do list now that I have 4 extra hours in my day:

  • Research continuing education credits for my personal training certification
  • Find free yoga classes (or cheap) in Indianapolis
  • Make the grocery list
  • Find a good white layer cake recipe
  • Read about yoga
  • Look for bridesmaid shoes for Chelsea’s wedding
  • Mail giveaway goodies
Let’s start crossing things off!
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