Announcing my 14 Day Low FODMAP Meal Plan Download. Filled with over 40 delicious low FODMAP recipes that anyone can enjoy. This meal plan is perfect for anyone troubleshooting digestive issues and has had a healthcare provider recommend a low FODMAP diet.

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Several years ago, I was diagnosed with IBS and introduced to the low FODMAP diet.

What is low FODMAP?

The low FODMAP diet is a therapeutic elimination diet to help identify triggering foods that may aggravate digestive symptoms. I have an entire blog post outlining the details of what FODMAPs are here!

This approach to managing digestive symptoms has become much more main stream since I was introduce to the idea, but it can still be challenging to navigate.

I wanted to provide realistic, fun, flavorful, and satisfying meals for individuals who are trying to figure out what foods make them feel their best, and this meal plan does just that!

Feel free to mix and match recipes to fit your taste preferences, schedule and the amount of food you wish to enjoy.

All the recipes included are made with ingredients in low FODMAP amounts according to the Monash University App.

Get Your Copy Now!

The meal plan is delicious, simple, easy to use and fun to follow. It includes

✓ Prep ahead tips
✓ 40+ delicious, low FODMAP recipes
✓ Immediate access so you can get started right away

To purchase the meal plan, simply visit the meal plan page and click to order and download!

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