This year was the second year that Brian and I have spent Christmas with both of our families.  We make sure to spend adequate amount of time with each of our families so that neither of our families (or us!) feels like we are missing out.

A tradition that grew up with is making and decorating sugar cookies on Christmas Eve.  Brian’s family was not used to making their own Christmas cookies, so I was happy to step in and help them out in that department.

Before Brian’s grandma and aunt arrived, I set up little decorating stations with fresh cookies, homemade frosting, food coloring, and sprinkles.Cookie decorating 4Once everyone arrived, we started decorating away!  It was so fun to make some funny, cute, and  or whatever we were feeling inspired by at that moment 🙂

Cookie decorating 2Brian’s mom claimed that they were all “cookie rookies” but I thought the cookies turned out great!Cookie decorating 3

Santa and Rudolph cookiesAfter cookies, it was time to do presents with Brian’s family.  Rochford ChristmasBrian’s family has a love for diet coke, so when I saw this little ornament I just couldn’t resist buying it for the family.Rochford Christmas 2Brian and his brother had to try on their new jackets right away, and they looked good!  Brian and Adam ChristmasOne of my gifts to Brian was a canvas print of one of our engagement photos.  Brian and Tara giftBrian got me a new computer!  I had a mac from college that I was still using for all of my blogging.  Because it was nearly 6 years old, and had crashed once it was just running super slow.  I was so surprised by this gift and am already loving the speed of it!Brian and Tara MacAfter presents, it was time to go to church to celebrate the “reason for the season.”  I love Christmas church services because of all the people in attendance, the music, and the spirit in the air.  This year, the mass did not disappoint.  We sang Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard on High, and ended with my favorite…Joy to the World.  Such a great way to celebrate the season!

Brian and Tara Christmas 2012We then came back to the Rochford’s for dinner and the new-to-me traditional Christmas game.  Dinner was salmon, zucchini, and some unpictured cheesy potatoes. Yum!

photo (37)The game was much like our game for Thanksgiving.  We played a mixture of Scattergories and Apples to Apples to then do a little white elephant gift exchange afterward.

photo (39)After the game, Brian and I were tired and needed to head to bed to make sure we were rested and able to make the drive up to Fort Wayne to visit my family on Christmas morning!

I think that is enough of a recap for now.  More on Christmas morning later.

What is a favorite holiday tradition in your family?

Honestly, decorating cookies is one of my absolute favorite things to do during the holidays 🙂  I am always looking for new ways to spruce up the cookies.





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