The end of the week is here!

Brian’s cousin will be visiting this weekend, so we are excited to act like tourists right along with her as we show her all the best things Denver and the mountains have to offer.  I’m also running the Boulder Rez half marathon on Sunday (anyone else out there running?), which should lead to some post race exploration of Boulder.

I hope your week was fantastic and that you have a fun weekend in store!

Five Things Friday from Treble in the Kitchen

Five Things I Ate:

Eggplant Skillet Dinner

This is one of those meals that is in our weekly rotation quite a bit.  It requires only one pan, comes together in under 30 minutes and is full of vegetables! (You could easily sub chickpeas, grains or another plant based protein if you aren’t a chicken or meat eater!)

  • Eggs for breakfast (with all the spinach and kale!)

Breakfast eggs

As you know, the past few months have been filled with smoothie bowl breakfasts.  This week, I decided to switch things up and enjoyed kale and spinach scrambles with a bit of banana and peanut butter on the side.  Such a satisfying meal!

  • Zoodles with Coconut Flour Chicken


I pretty much followed the recipe for my Almond Crusted Chicken, but I was totally out of almond meal so I used coconut flour instead.  Another easy dinner!

  • Almond milk lattes…because it was a bit chilly this week 🙂

Almond milk latte

  • Lunch time salads with all the veggies eaten outside.

lunch salad

Five Workouts I Did:

This week has been SO different than other weeks because the race I am training for on this Sunday.  The focus of the week has been to eat so that I feel great and strong, stretch and foam roll, and rest.

  • Foam rolling
  • Pure Barre
  • Walking the dog (lots of walking!)

Fall walking

  • An easy run
  • The race on Sunday!

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Brian’s cousin Maggie coming to visit!
  • My sister updated my hair again! This time we went a bit lighter and I really love it 🙂


  • All of the fall leaves.  Last weekend we hiked at the Piney River Trail to see the changing Aspen trees and it was absolutely stunning.  The leaves are now beginning to change in Denver and I am loving the change of scenery.
  • Feeling organized and on top of things! This week, I tried a new daily time scheduling/organization method and it really worked well for me and helped to keep me on task.  I’ll make sure to share more as I continue to use it!

Have you guys heard of this site?  It is a site that is dedicated to suggesting music based on the pace you want to run at.  How cool right!?  In preparation for my race on Sunday, I downloaded a ton of music at my goal pace and then went out for a test run and only focused on breathing and running to the beat…and it worked! I was right at my goal pace.  I highly recommend checking this site out!

That is all I have for this week 🙂  Have a wonderful weekend!

Your Turn:

  • Share something delicious, fun, or exciting in the comments below!

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  1. Sounds like such a great week! What’s the organization/scheduling tool called? I’ve been looking for a new one because working on 20 projects at once has me all ahhhh lately!! And LOVE your hair!! Good luck on the race on Sunday — you’ll kill it! 🙂

    • I just wrote out my own timeline for the day…no tools except my brain 🙂 I am finding that chunking time (like 9-12 school work, etc) really helps me dedicate time to all areas needed.

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