I recently organized my refrigerator as part of a home refresh for the new year! Here is a list of everything I used to organize my refrigerator.

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The kitchen really is the heart of the home in our house, so it makes things run much smoother when everything is organized. Because it’s the beginning of the year and everything feels like a fresh start, I love taking this time to refresh everything in the house, including the fridge! 

My method for organizing our fridge was simple:

I found a ton of storage containers to help keep the refrigerator organized, so I started by washing those bins with soap and water.

Next, I took everything out of the fridge, vacuumed the shelves with my Dyson, then sanitized the shelves with Force of Nature non-toxic cleaner. This is one of my favorite things to clean and sanitize with. 

Once everything was clean, I checked expiration dates and tried to organize things by categories as much as possible (sauces with sauces, dairy with dairy, etc).  

I usually meal prep something for breakfast and enjoy leftovers for lunch, so I have a couple of bins for leftover storage as well.

It feels so good to have this checked off of my list!

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11″ turntable

Large clear plastic storage bin

Vegetable storage bin

Egg storage

Small stackable storage bin

Fridge organizing bin

The Home Edit small storage bin

The Home Edit medium storage bin

The Home Edit tall storage bin

The Home Edit small refrigerator storage drawer

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