Happy Friday, friends! How are you all doing today?

This morning, I joined a friend for a run.  We had been running together on Thursdays, but when the weather said it was going to be in the single digits yesterday morning we thought rescheduling for Friday would be a good plan.

Later this morning, Brian and I are going to a friend’s graduation from dental school and then tonight we are going to see the Wood Brothers and Ben Sollee with friends.  The rest of the weekend should be pretty fun and relaxed, so I’m excited to see how it turns out 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful week and have fun things planned for the weekend too!  Now, let’s dive into my Five Things Friday post.

Five Things Friday from Treble in the Kitchen

Five Things I Ate:

Chicken Sweet Potato Spinach Curry

This meal is made in the slow cooker and is so full of flavor and warmth.  Perfect for cold winter days.

  • Scrambled eggs with veggies and fruit for breakfast



These were both leftover from weekend meals, but were perfect for easy and quick lunches.  So much flavor!  I made low FODMAP modifications to both, but they were still absolutely wonderful.

FODY Marinara

I honestly don’t mind making most of my own foods, including sauces like pasta sauce.  That being said, I am SO happy that I found FODY Foods because there are days when having a delicious jar of pasta sauce with wonderful ingredients really does come in handy 🙂

  • Overnight oats!

I actually ate them this morning before running out to the grocery store.  They totally hit the spot and I loved that they were prepped and ready for me after my workout and shower.

Five Workouts I Did:

  • Boot Camp
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Total Strength Class
  • Running this morning

Five Things Making Me Happy:

Califia Farms Nog

I’ve always been an eggnog lover.  Growing up, I remember my parents would make homemade eggnog for present wrapping just before Christmas.  Because of the sweetness and richness, a little goes a long way so I purchased this Holiday Nog to give a little something special to my morning cold brew these next couple of weeks before Brian and I head home for Christmas.  If you are looking for a dairy free, yet delicious eggnog option I highly recommend this one 🙂

  • Gold nail polish!

Gold nail polish

Have you guys tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish that doesn’t require a light?  I have it in pink and red and it definitely stays on better than typical nail polish, so I made an impulse purchase yesterday at the store to get this gold color.  I haven’t painted my nails yet, but I’m planning to this weekend.  I hope it looks as cute as it does in the bottle!

  • Hairspray Live!!

Did any of you watch this?  As a singer (that’s where the TREBLE in the Treble in the Kitchen comes from!) I am a total sucker for live performances, especially Broadway.  The show was so fun and the performers did a wonderful job.  There was a ton of energy, the voices were phenomenal, and the dancing was sharp.  I can’t wait to watch it again!!

  • Bernie and Rooney in dog sweaters




HA! I realize it’s a little silly, but in all fairness they have VERY short hair and are thin dogs so going out in temps that are cold to us has them shivering too.  AND they look pretty darn cute in their outfits 😉

Cake in a Crate

I received a surprise package from Bob’s Red Mill this week, and when I opened it up it was all the portioned out ingredients to make Maple Coconut Caramel Macaroons.  I haven’t made the recipe yet, but it’s on my agenda for Saturday.  I’ll be sure to share how they are!

Maple Coconut Macaroons

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  1. Oh my goodness your pups are precious! I have a vest for Tebow, but he does not like to wear it! I think he believes he’s being punished when he has to wear it lol. He just sits there with his head moping! It’s so sad and funny at the same time!

    • Bernie and Rooney’s dog friend doesn’t like wearing sweaters or costumes either! It’s definitely funny and sad 🙂

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