I am so excited for today’s guest post from the amazing Clare!  I started reading her blog at the beginning of the summer and have been hooked ever since.  I love reading about her career decisions, latest workout tips, and tasty recipes.

I hope you enjoy her guest post and I will see you from London!!!


Hi Treble In The Kitchen readers! My name is Clare and I blog over at Fitting It All In. The blog is a way for me to share how I stay healthy while living a busy lifestyle, but recently my career path has become a big focus as well. Since Tara is about to leave for her big cruise ship adventure I figured it would be fitting to talk about my crazy  and complicated course as well.

I’m jealous.

I’m jealous of those people that know exactly what they want to do with their lives, choose their college major immediately, find the perfect job out of college and start living their happy “real world” lives with no trouble.

I was actually staying pretty close to that course. I only changed majors once (left architecture to do marketing and graphic design) and got an amazing job opportunity in my hometown that provided tons of growth opportunities. Life was good.

But then I started slowly meandering down another path. I started my blog a few months after graduation as a way to share my new passion for health post-eating disorder. And then as my blog grew, I decided I wanted to become more knowledgeable about nutrition.

That’s when I decided to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which will graduate me as a certified health coach this coming April.

Oh and did I mention that the blog inspired me to start a project with my social media team at work? I guess I like social media now too.

So now I’m stuck. I’m in my rotational program at work that used to be my dream job, but often I’m wishing I could do something else. Now that my hobbies include health, nutrition, and social media I keep thinking that I might be happier if my career were more focused in those areas.

Choosing a new life direction isn’t that easy. Quitting a job is a big deal. It’s terrifying. It means potentially moving. Likely a large pay cut.  A lot of “what ifs”.

I’m still deciding what I’m going to do. I’m looking into all my options and trying to remain open minded, but I’m also trying to follow my heart and embrace adventure.


I guess sometimes figuring out what we love doesn’t always happen when life says it should. I’m trying not to be jealous and instead enjoy that I’m creating my own story.

Better late than never!

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  1. Oh Clare, its like we are the same person…this is seriously the story of my life right now. Makes me sad. I haven’t overcome the jealously monster yet, but I’m trying…

  2. I love this post and Clare’s blog! Definitely one of my favorites! I feel like I am in such a similar posiiton. I will be graduating from nursing school in December and I feel like I have no idea what I want to do or where I am going in my life. I am so jealous of people who have everything figured out but at the same time I am trying to be better about learning to just go with the flow and roll with whatever punches are thrown my way. Much easier said than done! 🙂

    • I love her blog too! I totally agree with you at how it sure seems a lot easier to go along with the punches than it actually is to just do it. I just have to remember to have fun along the way!

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