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Caitlin is the fabulous blogger behind Cait Plus Ate.  It seems as if you can either find her at the gym attending a step aerobics class or out and about in Connecticut at an awesome event featuring the latest cocktails, wine, or delicious food (sometimes all three!)  In honor of the nearing weekend, today, Caitlin will be sharing her top 5 favorite summer cocktails.  Thanks for sharing, Cait!


Greetings, Treble-makers! Sorry, I had to make that pun/joke/sad attempt at being clever. I’m really excited to be guest blogging for Tara today! This sweet girl has always been supportive of me and I adore her super-positive attitude. When she asked me to guest post, and added that she’d like me to blog about summer cocktails, I didn’t have to think twice before saying YES!

I’m a self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseur and always have to order the most interesting drink on a menu. I want to share with you the top five most refreshing, unique, and delicious cocktails I’ve tried lately! Let the countdown begin…just don’t try to go out and drink all of these in a row. Pace yo’self.

5. Lemon Basil Martini, Beachland Tavern (West Hartford, CT)

Ketel One Citroen, basil, splash of lemonade.

This drink is so simple that you could easily make it at home. The basil flavor was SO strong, so I suspect the basil used was very fresh. The SPLASH of lemonade was key as well to keeping the basil flavor intact. Do not drink this on an empty stomach. It will make you feel like you’re about to fall off your bar seat (I speak from experience).

4. Strawberry Cilantro Martini, Rooftop120 (Glastonbury, CT)

Absolut Cilantro, strawberry puree, lime juice.

I usually try to avoid cocktails with excess sugar in their recipes, but I made an exception for this unique drink because the cilantro and strawberry combo was too good to pass up. The strawberry puree came from a carton and I’m sure was processed as hell, but I’d be interested in finding a version with muddled strawberries! The cilantro flavor wasn’t too overpowering at all but was definitely detectable and mimicked fresh cilantro very well. That extra squeeze of lime was better than any cherry on top.

3. Muddled Maple Maker’s Martini, Rooftop120 (Glastonbury, CT)

Crown Royal Maple, Maker’s Mark, muddled oranges, bitters, vermouth.

Ohhh baby I have a craving for this drink right now as I type this. The maple of the Crown Royal was definitely detectable and mixed so well with the fresh oranges. And any drink with Maker’s Mark added is a winner in my book – so smooth! The addition of vermouth made it extra special.

2. Bourbon Sidecar, Krust Pizza Bar (Middletown, CT)

Made with bourbon and a SALT rim!

Krust is a bourbon bar with so many options that I couldn’t even begin to guess what kind the master bartender, Kevin, used in this drink. But the remaining ingredients remained true to the classic Sidecar (usually made with cognac) – Grand Marnier and lemon juice. The salt rim is what really impressed me. When I saw it I thought he’d used sugar in the raw, but I took a sip and sighed with happiness as I experienced an amazing array of contrasting flavors. I know it’s been overused, but I have to say, this was a party for my tastebuds and a totally memorable experience.

1. The Silver Lining, Max Fish (Glastonbury, CT)

Avion Silver tequila, St Germain, cinnamon syrup, grapefruit and lime juices, smoked cinnamon stick
Avion Silver tequila, St Germain, cinnamon syrup, grapefruit and lime juices, smoked cinnamon stick

What a drink!!! One of the best cocktails I’ve ever had not just recently, but EVER. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cocktail that combined St. Germain with tequila but I encourage all bartenders to start doing so stat. The grapefruit and lime juices were just splashes so that the tequila’s flavor remained intact. The cinnamon syrup was not overpowering or sickly sweet, and I could definitely smell and taste the smokiness. Each sip of this beverage was a journey through multiple tasting notes and it seemed to have its own personality. The cocktail was delivered on a plate with a smoking cinnamon stick too – how’s that for presentation!

Though I know most of you aren’t near any of the sources of these fabulous cocktails, I hope you can take these ideas to your go-to bartenders – or your own kitchen – and enjoy some version of them!

Have you ever tried any cocktails similar to these?

What’s your go-to summer drink? Even if non-alcoholic, I want to know!

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  1. This is neat. Caitlin’s smart to keep track; whenever I get a fancy mixed drink from a restaurant, I rarely make a note to remember what was in it so I can order it again. Definitely going to start!

    • Instagram is often the way I keep track 😀 I always list the name and ingredients in the caption so I myself can refer back to it later!

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