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Brian, my fiance, was never one to head to the gym on a regular basis.  He signed up to run a couple of races with me, he has completed a couple of my boot camp workouts, and he even came to one of my indoor cycling classes.  But for the most part his attendance to the gym was anything but a regular routine.

Something has changed in Brian’s schedule recently.  He has been coming to the gym with me 3-4 days a week…for the past 6 weeks!  To say that I am proud of him is an understatement.  Not only am I happy that he is doing this for his health, but I am ecstatic about the extra time I get to spend with him every day 🙂

As a certified personal trainer, and regular “gym-goer” for the past 6 years there are many words and terms that I just throw around and assume are common knowledge.  The reality is that many times I will say something that is almost a foreign language to Brian, and he makes sure to let me know it.

I thought it may be helpful to put together a list of “gym terms” that are pretty common and definitely worth knowing if you are planning on heading to the gym any time soon.

Rep:  A rep is one complete action of an exercise. For example, one complete bicep curl.

Set:  A set is a specific amount of repetitions (reps) in a group.  For example, one set is eight reps.

Superset:  One set of exercises performed right after another set of exercises with no rest inbetween.

Straight Set:  A straight set is a specific amount of repetitions completed with a resting period before the next set is completed.

Intervals:  A type of training that rotates between different intenisity levels.  This technique is often performed with cardiovascular exercise.  For example, walking for 10 seconds then jogging for 20 seconds would be a type of interval training.

Ladder Sets:  Ladder training is completed while strength training.  One exercise is performed for multiple sets that gradually increase the number of reps with each set.  There is a minimum amount of rest between each set.

Isometric:  A type of exercise that trains the muscles while being held in a static contraction.  For example, holding a plank is an isometric exercise.

Circuit Training:  This is a technique in which different exercises are completed in sets one after another with minimal rest between each set.


What are some gym words that you did not know or still may not know the definition to?  


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