This weekend was very fun, productive, and a bit of a whirlwind!

My weekend started by teaching a group fitness class on Friday night that focused on how to safely wear high heels and how to strengthen and stretch the leg and core muscles that are important for high heel wear

high heels workout 4I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous to teach this class at first, but we had  a great group of girls that attended and we all had a blast!  The class started out with the girls and me wearing our heels as we practiced perfect posture and walking techniques.

high heels workoutWe then switched intro our gym shoes to complete a workout that focused on strengthening and stretching the leg muscles.

high heels workout 3I really want to share this workout with you, but you will have to wait a little bit because I have a great plan of how I want to present it to you!! So just hold tight 😉

high heels workout 2Saturday

My Saturday was then full of an AFAA Primary Group Fitness Workshop.  The workshop lasted the entire day.  We covered key elements of creating a group fitness class, anatomy, how to structure  a warm-up, and exercises for every part of the body before we completed the written and practical portions of the exam.  I feel like the test went well, but I won’t find out my results for 4-6 weeks…geez I hate waiting on stuff like that!

There were several students from Butler, my alma mater, attending this workshop, so we made sure to get a group picture!

afaa testAfter spending the entire day in group fitness mode, I came home quickly to get in my fancy clothes just in time for Brian’s dental school valentine’s day dance.  In the three years Brian has been in dental school, this is the first time that we were able to attend.  It was so much fun, and we really hope to attend next year!

brian and tara vday dance 2

brian and tara vday dance 3

Our friends Joy and Alex

Joy and Alex Vday Dance

vday dance

vday dance 2

vday dance 3

The dentals school’s a cappella group, Vertical Dimension, even performed!  They were so awesome!

vertical dimension 2

vertical dimension

brian and tara vday dance 4There may have been a couple of these consumed to make the night a little extra fun…vday dance 4

brian and tara vday dance 5Sunday

Sunday was then spent putting our new apartment in order.  We finally have all of the furniture (we had been sleeping on an air mattress all week!!), now we just need to decorate and throw in some color and personality.

living roomMy project was the back room, which will be an office, the place where I keep all my clothes, and where I keep my makeup.

This was the before picture:

back room beforeAnd this was the after:

back room afterLet’s just say I feel pretty satisfied with how the back room turned out.  Now, I just want to hang pictures!

We made it over to Brian’s parent’s house for a delicious Valentine decorated meal.

vday tableSalmon salad for me 🙂

salmon salad dinnerAnd the night ended with a delicious cupcake.

cupcake dessertI hope you all had an amazing weekend!

What was a highlight from your weekend?!  Was it more productive or fun?


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