This weekend was a little bittersweet.  My parent’s arrived in Denver last Saturday and left this past weekend.  We had such an amazing time visiting with them and exploring Denver and some surrounding cities!  While it’s always nice to get back into a routine of some sort, I really miss having my parents around and I’m already looking forward to our visit home in August 🙂

Mom Dad Tara

Here are some highlights from my parent’s visit to Denver.

Pearl Street Farmers Market

Pearl Street Farmer's Market via Treble in the Kitchen

The Pearl Street Farmers Market is a local market in Denver that takes place every Sunday in the summer.  It is dog-friendly (yay!) and has tons of booths with fresh produce, meat, seafood, and goods from local artisans.  It’s a really great market with tons of diverse items.

Bernie Pearl Street Farmer's Market

Coors Brewery Tour and Exploring Golden

The Coors Brewery Tour is a FREE tour in the little town of Golden, CO which is just 30 minutes outside of Denver.

Coors Tour via Treble in the KItchen

The tour is self-guided but very informational and it includes samples of beer and cider made by the Miller Coors company.

Coors Tour via Treble in the KItchen

After the tour, my parents and I explored the adorable town of Golden.  There are tons of little shops and eateries and we could have easily spent several hours there 🙂

Coors Tour via Treble in the KItchen

Country Boy Mine Tour in Breckenridge

After spending the beginning of the week in Denver with my parents, we packed up and headed to Breckenridge fro the end of the week.  While visiting, we stopped by the Country Boy Mine for an educational tour.

Country Boy Mining Tour via Treble in the Kitchen

We were actually able to go 1100 ft inside the mine!  It was cold and a bit damp, but it was so fascinating to see the old machinery that was once used in the mine and to learn about the history.

Country Boy Mining Tour via Treble in the Kitchen

And at the end of the tour we were able to pan for gold! (I was unsuccessful!)

Country Boy Mining Tour via Treble in the Kitchen

Getting our Pedicures

My mom, sister and I had a littler girl time on Tuesday before my sister headed back to Indiana.  It was so fun to just relax and get pampered with my mom and sis 🙂

pedicures with mom and brenna

Hiking and Enjoying the Beautiful Scenery

I still cannot get over the wonderful, natural scenery here in Colorado!

breckenridge co

I loved that we were constantly surrounded by beautiful mountains while in Breckenridge whether we were hiking, driving, or just walking through the resort.


It was also really fun to hit some hiking trails with mom, Brian and Bernie.



I feel like we were able to cram SO much into my parents week long visit…this recap only scratches the surface.  The most important thing, though, was just spending time with my family.  I loved every second of it 🙂

Your Turn!

  • What did you do this weekend?!

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  1. What a fun weekend! I’m glad you got to spend so much quality time with your family! 🙂 One of my best friends lives in Denver and I’m hoping we will get out to visit her within the next few months because I’m dying to see Colorado without the snow. 😉

    • Family time really is the best time. Colorado without snow is amazing!! Maybe we could meet up if you are out my way 🙂

  2. Looks like such a fun time! My husbands parents are coming to town today (from Florida) and I’m so excited to have some visitors! I know what you mean about it being bittersweet when they leave!

  3. I love Colorado so much! All of the pictures take me back to my trip last year. I loved Golden and all the beautiful hikes! My favorite was to Garden of the Gods which was unbelievable. I could definitely see myself moving to Colorado one day! Glad you had such a great trip 🙂

    • Isn’t Golden adorable? I still need to make it out to Garden of the Gods! So much to do and see out here!

  4. Man…that makes IN look so ‘flat and boring’ 🙂 glad you enjoyed the time with your family!

    We had my nephew’s first birthday party…it was so fun and made me realize the boys’ is less than 2 months away!

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