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This past Saturday, Brian and I spent the day enjoying the city of Indianapolis.  We spent the morning at the gym in my Body Pump class, we ate lunch at a local favorite-Patachou, we visited the Indiana History Museum….

And then we shopped around a local district called Mass Ave, ate at a locally and family owned Italian restaurant, and attended the Duke Energy Yuletide Celebration!  It was a busy day, and I loved every second of it!

On Mass Ave, we popped in a little shop called Silver in the City.  This store is perfect for gift giving!  They sell locally made goods, creative knick knacks, and things that you would never think of that seem to make the perfect gift. Silver in the City

We were able to find a couple of goodies to check off some items on our Christmas shopping list before we headed into Three Dog Bakery.  Three Dog Bakery is literally a bakery for dogs.  They sell pet toys, supplies, and cute outfits, and they also sell delicious dog treats that look good enough for a human to eat!  Brian and I made sure to pick up some Christmas gifts for our furry friends 🙂

3 Dog Bakery 2


3 Dog Bakery 4

Once we were done shopping around, it was time to head over to Caitlin and Dave’s apartment to change into fancier clothes for our dinner and evening show.

Dinner was at a cute and family run Italian restaurant, Iaria’s.  Brian picked this restaurant because he went to school with one of the Iaria’s and the rest of us had never been there.

Iarias 2

The atmosphere was busy, bustling, friendly, and very welcoming.  We started things out with a bit of wine, some bread, and our first course…homemade minestrone soup.


This soup was absolutely delicious, and I honestly could have made a meal out of it…but I knew that I wanted to save room for my eggplant parmesan.

Iarias 8

Round two was salad with homemade dressing.  I ordered the homemade Italian and it was like no other Italian dressing that I have ever tasted before!  Brian and Caitlin gave rave reviews about the ranch too.  Seriously, I wish they sold bottles of the stuff.

Iarias 7

After our soup and salad it was finally time for the main dish, eggplant parmesan for me!  The flavors of the sauce, cheese, and the eggplant melded together perfectly.  This dish was so good, and I highly recommend it! Brian ordered the cheese tortellini and scarfed it down before I could get a pic…literally!

Iarias 4 Brian and Dave


Iarias 5 Caitlin and Tara

Once our tummies were full and our wine carafe was empty, it was time to head to the Hilbert Circle Theater for the Duke Energy Yuletide Celebration.   This show is an Indianapolis tradition, yet it was my first time ever attending.  I loved every second of the show!  Jack Everly led the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra to play several holiday tunes with a ton of singing, lots of dancing, and beautiful holiday costumes that truly made the show.  I can’t wait to make this a tradition!

Yuletide 4


Yuletide 1


Yuletide 3


Tara and Brian Tree 1



Caitlin and Dave Tree 2

Our Indianapolis holiday weekend was amazing.  We were able to do so much in just one day, but there are still so many things for us to do next year!

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