Last night, dinner came together in a flash.  Good thing, because I was a pretty hungry girl by the time I walked in the door.

I made an old standby that is  one of my favorite meals simply because of it’s ease and the fact that it tastes great.  A giant salad with veggie burger (this time we used Morningstar Farms black bean burgers) crumbled on top.

dinner 1-7-13

dinner 2 1-7-13

I got a large dose of veggies, was able to make dinner in under 30 minutes, and enjoyed eating this meal.  What more can a girl ask for?!

After dinner, Brian and I both had a little work to do.  Brian put stamps on all of the save the dates!


While I practiced the newest release of Body Pump.  Our launch is in a couple of weeks, so I have to be prepared!  I think this release may honestly be one of my favorites.   I love almost every song, and there are some challenging “new” moves in many of the tracks!  I can’t wait to launch it.

BP 84

Now for the part of this post that I am most excited about!

Mantras to Get You Moving!

Now, maybe I am just a big cornball, but I just love a good “mantra.”  I find them inspiring, motivational, and honestly they really get me going!

To be honest, I really don’t have a hard time getting to the gym before work in the morning….but there are those days when I would much rather catch a few zzz’s than be completing a set of jump squats.  There are some mornings when I get to the gym and think…”I’ll just walk on the treadmill for 40 minutes…”  That is when I think of MY favorite mantra:

You are one workout away from a good mood.  

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to send me your favorite mantras that kept  you motivated to stay healthy and/or hit the gym when you just aren’t feelin’ it.  I had a great response, and although my list did not quite make it to my goal of 100 mantras, I am happy to share my list of 40 mantras with you.

Mantras to get you moving

  1. No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch! –Crystal L.
  2. Pressure is a privelage—Billie Jean King
  3. You can’t judge a run by the first mile
  4. Take Pride in how far you have come, and have Faith in how far you can go! Its my favourite!—Krysten Siba B.
  5. Everyone falls down. Badasses get back up and keep pushing.”  –Shannon C.
  6. Some of the best experiences in your life are found outside of your comfort zone.  –Sarah J. Darlow-Parker
  7. This is not the hardest thing I have ever done.
  8. Don’t stop when you are getting tired, that’s when you are getting stronger!
  9.  You must expect things of yourself before you can do them!
  10. Obsessed is the word lazy use to describe the dedicated
  11.   Pain is weakness leaving the body.
  12. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  13. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going
  14. I can do 30 seconds of anything!
  15.  If you can you must.
  16. It won’t kill ya!
  17. You know your limit and this is NOT it!
  18. There are 168 hours in a week and I am only asking for 7 of them.
  19. Everyday is a new opportunity to make new decisions
  20.   Everyday you decide to workout, you make a decision to benefit your health
  21.   When your legs are tired run with your heart.
  22. Just do it.
  23. Think care not calories! Nourishing your body goes beyond the fads and lasts into the future @nutritionist77
  24. I’m not trying to look perfect, I just want to feel better, look great and know I’m healthy.
  25. I want Michelle Obama arms—Roberta D.
  26. During the time I am thinking up excuses NOT to workout, I could have had a GOOD one in already.
  27. Is this my body talking, or is this my mind talking?—Eileen Gaete
  28. Fitness is not about a look, it’s about a feeling—Kristen Mercier
  29. pressure is a privilege – Billie Jean King
  30. Little by little, a little becomes a lot. –Tracy Cluthe English
  31. Determination now or regret later.
  32. All I need to do is show up
  33.  The food you eat today is the body you wear tomorrow
  34. The longer you train, the shorter your race is.
  35. You are blessed to have legs that allow you to run.
  36. Exercise is king, nutrition is queen.  Put them together and you have a kingdom.
  37.  Do more, be more–@kt_cramer
  38. I never regret it when I do it, I always regret it when I don’t. –Roberta D.
  39. I did this for myself today—Sprint 2 the Table—Laura
  40. You are the sole deciding factor between procrastination and progress –-@emrachelz

A lot to pick from, huh??!  Hopefully, one quote will resonate with you to allow you to be more active and successful in your everyday life.

Have a great day!

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