With the wedding events truly consuming the front half of summer (in a good way!) Brian and I had to put one of our date nights on the back burner for a later date.

Luckily, the August date night didn’t require too much planning AND we were very available this past weekend.  We were able to smush both dates into one weekend.

date nightAfter work Friday night, Brian and I headed to Victory Field for our official August date night and our first baseball game of the season.

The air was cooler than most summer nights, and if it had been any cooler I would have needed longer pants.  Thankfully, it wasn’t any colder and the temperature was perfect for sitting outdoors and enjoying the summer feel of the baseball game.

date nightIt wouldn’t be a baseball game without a snack…and I thought that the peanuts were pretty appropriate!

date night

May Date Night

Saturday, Brian and I had big plans to finally take advantage of our May date night.  As you may recall, our initial date night in May was slightly changed because of timing and wedding things that needed to get done.

We were finally able to spend some time in the trees at Go Ape.

go ape date night

Go Ape is a “treetop adventure course” that includes zip lines, obstacles, and swings that literally take you through the trees of Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis.

Brian and I actually completed the course all the way back in March for a blogging project that I was working on that focused on “Active Date Ideas in Indy.

go ape 2

Although it was fun in March, it was much more fun with leaves on the trees and less layers of clothing.

go ape date night

go ape date night

The course was very busy, and Brian and I were not at all expecting that.  The first time we went through, we literally had the course to ourselves!

go ape date night

Even though the course was full of other tree climbers, it was still a blast and a GREAT date 🙂

go ape date night

go ape date night

Brian and I really enjoy the Go Ape park because it really makes us feel like kids playing in a giant tree house.  It is so fun to challenge ourselves to “no hands” or “go as fast as you can” dares!  It is a little scary, but we know that no matter what we are always attached to the ropes 🙂

go ape date night

We were able to complete the course all in one piece!

go ape date night

go ape 8If you are visiting the Indianapolis area, or if you are FROM Indianapolis and have not yet done the course, I highly recommend it!  It is so fun, a great way to get exercise without actually feeling like you are exercising, and I promise it will make you feel like a kid again.

Question of the Morning:

  • What are some of YOUR favorite date ideas?

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    • It was so fun, Amy!!! They have zip line parks like that in a lot of different cities, so I bet there is one around you too!

    • YES! It is so fun to sit on the lawn, I didn’t realize you could pack a picnic but almost everyone there had one. Next time, we are bringing a picnic for sure!

  1. Two date nights in one weekend.. how fun! I just love this date night idea you gave Brian for Christmas. I’m so stealing it this year (hope you don’t mind :)), and am constantly thinking of ideas! Ha Ha.

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