I honestly cannot believe that tonight the big ball drops and it will be 2013!

Growing up, my parents used to take my siblings and me out to a fancy dinner.  We would then come home, watch the New Year’s show on TV and drink sparklin wine.  Nothing too fancy…but I loved it!

When I think back to what I have done for New Year’s Eve the past couple of years, I feel like I have hit almost every genre of party.

When we rang in 2010, a ton of Brian’s friends and my friends celebrated at Brian’s off campus college house at a traditional college “house party.”  It was fun, but we will just say that the hangovers from that party seem to taint my memories as to how enjoyable it really was.

New Year's Eve 2010



The following year, when we rang in 2011 a group of our friends went out to Adobo, a bar in Indianapolis.  It was a great experience to go out and be in the hustle of the city, but the tab was a bit pricey as we just ended up hanging out the way we normally do when we go to someone’s house to share a glass of wine.

New Year's Eve 2011Last year, I was working on the cruise ship.   There was a big celebration with a giant balloon drop in the main atrium of the ship.  I remember that we all got off work at around 8 or 9pm that night and still had to eat dinner.  We ate quickly, showered and put on our dresses to run upstairs grab a drink…and miss the big balloon drop!New Year's Eve 2012 2 New Year's Eve 2012 3



Oh well, you can’t win them all I guess!New Years Eve 2012This year, Brian and I are going to a friend’s parent’s house to celebrate at their annual New Year’s Eve party.  This family LOVES to throw parties, and they have an amazingly beautiful house.  I think this should be a hit, and hopefully the best New Year yet!

What are your plans for celebrating the New Year?  Do you like to go out to party or stay home for a quiet night in?


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