Last night, Gucci, the little dog that Brian and I are dog sitting was giving Brian some lovin’ on the couch.  Brian had a rough day and Gucci knew just what would make him feel better.

I have said it in the past and I will say it again, Brian and I would LOVE (especially Brian) to get a dog, but with Brian still being in school and our schedules being totally wacko, now is just not the time…but someday!


Today, I had a bowl of hot oats because it is C O L D outside!  Literally, it froze last night.  I simply don’t understand how one day we are wishing that the pools were open and then the next day we are bundled up in jackets and sweaters.  I guess that is Indiana weather for ya!

My oats contained Sunwarrior, vanilla extract, strawberries, and 2 tsp of peanut butter.  They definitely hit the spot 😉

Special Meeting

I have always known that I want to go on to further education, but for what…well that is where the problem arises.  One idea that has come into my mind in the past and recently is to become an R.D. or registered dietician, so today I am meeting with one!  I am very excited to pick her brain and see how her answers will aid in my decision making process.  It should definitely be helpful.

More Puppies

Today, I also begin dog-sitting for the family that I nannied for last summer.  That means that Brian will be dog-sitting Gucci, while I dog sit Oliver and Sophie!  So many puppies!  It should be fun though.

Daily Workout

I then plan on attending a group fitness class at Butler this evening, so no morning workout today!

I hope you all have an amazing Tuesday!

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