Today was an amazing and slightly busy day full of driving from one puppy house to the next, meeting with the Registered Dietician, making dinner for Brian, and heading to a workout class.

When I got to the second puppies house that I am dog-sitting at I made myself a quick little lunch of fresh green beans, tomato, cucumbers, celery, hummus, and cheese.

I then met with a Registered Dietician at Hubbard and Cravens.  I didn’t even know that we had one in town, and for some reason I thought that it was a Canadian thing.  The atmosphere was relaxed, cool, and the coffee was tasty 🙂

The meeting was really great and lasted about 2 hours!  I had lots of questions and she had lots of answers.  It is always great to talk with someone who “gets” nutrition and exercise.  While my family and Brian are a great support system, sometimes I just need to talk with someone who is as passionate about health and nutrition as I am.

I then rushed to the apartment to make dinner for Brian before he headed out for a meeting.  I literally whipped this together in probably 15 minutes, so I don’t really have a recipe!

Dinner was:

  • Baked cod
  • Water sauteed spinach, white beans, and tomato
  • Sriracha (for some spice!)

The meal was simple, quick, nutritious, and delicious…all great things in my book!

I then checked the mail on the way out of the apartment and Brian and I received a wedding invitation!  First of the season I might add.  Several of our friends are getting married this summer, and I can’t wait for the fun to begin, then next summer it is Brian and my turn!


Now, I am looking after the pups, creating a workout for tomorrow, and listening to the Wicked station on pandora.

Have a great evening!

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