Hello again friends!

Earlier today, I shared a recap of my weekend in Boulder, CO at the Blend Retreat.  I’m going to be honest in saying that I initially planned on writing and posting that recap for Monday (yesterday) but the day was a little more jam-packed than I anticipated.

I started the day bright and early teaching my 6am Bodypump class.

Soybu Leggings via Treble in the Kitchen

Have you guys heard of Soybu?  They are an activewear company that was a sponsor at Blend, so this was my first time hearing about them.  They gave us a pair of Killer Caboose Leggings and I REALLY like them!  They are long enough for my long legs, and the waist comes up a little higher, which I really like because I typically have issues with leggings sliding down my booty during workouts.  AND they are very comfortable.  I’m so happy with them, I think I need to get my hands on some more of their cute workout clothes.

After Bodypump, I came home to shower and have breakfast, play with Bernie a bit and then I was out the door again to attend an event at Natural Grocers.

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers (formerly Vitamin Cottage) is a grocery store chain founded in Colorado 60 years ago.  I’m not exactly which states they are located in, but I’m pretty sure they are not located in Indiana.  Because I am relatively new to the Colorado area, this was my first experience with Natural Grocers!

Upon entering the bright store full of fresh and vibrant produce I noticed a sign for a demonstration kitchen.

Natural Grocers via Treble in the Kitchen

I had a feeling I was REALLY going to like this store!  I love seeing in-store demonstrations and attending cooking classes and Natural Grocers is constantly offering classes at every store.  Some of the classes they had coming up were:

  • Discovering Sprouted Grains
  • Paleo Vegan
  • Eating for Women’s Health
  • How to be a Better Runner with Nutrition
  • High Altitude Baking:  Cooking for Health

Don’t those classes sound interesting? (and delicious!)

We gathered in the demonstration kitchen to learn more about Natural Grocers as a brand, but I wasn’t alone!  Marisa (Uproot from Oregon) and Karissa (With our Best) were at the event too! Both of these ladies were at Blend with me!

Natural Grocers via Treble in the Kitchen

Karen, the Director of Nutrition Education for Natural Grocers spoke about the five founding principals of the grocery store to help us see the difference between Natural Grocers and other grocery stores.

  1. Dedicated to providing nutrition education.
  2. Committed to quality.
  3. Committed to everyday affordable pricing.
  4. Committed to our community.
  5. Committed to our employees.

Karen’s wealth of knowledge was impressive.  Not only was she knowledgable but I learned that Natural Grocers goes out to schools and senior centers in the community as well as hosts these people at in-store events, really prides themselves as an educational resource in regards to nutrition and uses their on-staff nutrition health coach to help point customers in the right direction (whether it be a doctor, specialist, book, online resource, etc) for that individual’s health, and really wants to provide the highest quality products at the best prices.

Natural Grocers via Treble in the Kitchen

While I didn’t have a chance to shop around, I am really excited to check it out this weekend when I do my typical grocery shopping trip.  Luckily, we have one right around the corner from us!

I realize, I get a little overly excited when it comes to grocery shopping, healthy foods, and companies with a healthy mission but I just HAD to share my experience with all of you!

And today?  Well… I was planning on running 5.5 miles this morning with Brian BUT it was raining and cold and I’m still kind of tired from all the Blend festivities, so it was an unplanned rest day and I am a ok with that!! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

Your Turn!

  • What is your favorite grocery store?! 
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  1. That store sounds amazing – I would love to attend those classes! Here in Seattle we have a local natural grocery chain called PCC, which I love. As a kid I would go there with my Granny to shop. I think that’s where my love of healthy groceries came from 😉

  2. I’ll have to check that grocery out next month when I’m back in Denver! I love grocery stores and this one sounds like a winner.

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