Last night, literally at 5:03pm Brian called me to see if I was on my way home yet.  Unfortunately, I was close to being done for the day, but I still had a couple of things to wrap up.  Brian is usually pretty hungry for dinner when that time of day rolls around, and yesterday was no exception.  He asked if there was anything he could do to get dinner ready…music to my ears!  I decided to take complete advantage of this opportunity and told him that he could make whatever he wanted, he could surprise me, as long as dinner was ready by the time I got home.

Brian is fully capable of preparing a meal, but typically the cooking falls on my to-do list simply because I love it so much.  Brian was a bit intimidated by the whole idea that he could “make anything,” but he took the challenge and ran with it.

When I arrived home, I saw a delicious feast of baked tilapia on top of a bed of romaine and spinach with chopped onions, bell pepper, tomato, blue cheese crumbles, cottage cheese, and black beans. YUM!

dinner 2For dressing, I topped my salad with some Mrs. Dash, garlic salt, and red wine vinegar.

When I asked Brian what his inspiration was, he said two words “Theta Salad.”

While I was a student at Butler University, I lived in the Kappa Alpha Theta house, or the Theta house as we called it.  Brian would frequently come over for meals, and at almost every meal I made myself a giant salad from the Theta salad bar.  The toppings were often very similar to what I had on my salad last night and my dressing was always red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper.  My salads always looked so tasty, so Brian would frequently ask me to make a salad for him as well.

I guess Brian was spot on with his “Theta Salad” inspiration!

dinner 3Needless to say, the meal totally hit the spot and we both cleaned our plates 🙂

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