Things I'm Loving August 2016

Happy September!

This is truly the month where things start to feel and look like fall.  In Denver, we have some cooler days mixed in with the warm ones.  Those crisp days are perfect for drinking a hot almond milk latte and going for a neighborhood or park walk.  August was filled with travel to Indiana, lots of running, and my “summer” break.  I enjoyed every second of it!

I hope your August was wonderful too!  Here is a peak at the highlight reel of my month:

Products and Services I’m Loving:

I wrote more about this a couple of days ago, but for the first time ever I’m having regular bodywork done to help my muscles stay healthy.  So far, I have really enjoyed my experience and results I’ve seen with Novo Soft Tissue.

Novo Soft Tissue and Spine

  • My New Running Shoes

I typically run in Asics (these are the Asics Gel Kayano 22), but took a break to try out a less expensive pair I found back in February.  While the other shoes were just fine, I was beginning to experience a bit of foot discomfort.  Since getting the new shoes, my feet feel great 🙂  And…it’s pretty fun having fun, bright new shoes.

New Running Shoes Asics Gel Kayano 22

Food I’m Loving:

  • Hot lattes

While there are still quite a few days above 80 degrees, I’ve been taking full advantage of the days that are cooler by enjoying hot almond milk lattes 🙂

Thump Almond Milk Latte

  • My Great Grandma’s Oatmeal Muffins

When Brian and I visited home, I whipped up a batch of my Great Grandma’s muffins and they were delicious.  I love making recipes from the family recipe box, especially when I am visiting home.

Oatmeal Muffins

  • This rice bowl from Vietnummy in Fort Wayne

I’ve been working on recreating it at home, and I think I’m pretty darn close!

What to do in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis

Workouts I’m Loving:

This is the first time I’ve actually included barre in my regular workout routine and I am seriously looooving it.  The workouts really focus on the mind body connection by utilizing smaller movements.  I really have to work to make sure I’m feeling things in the right area, there is no “checking out” while completing the workouts.  I’ll be posting a bit more about the Platform classes later this month, so be on the lookout!

Pure Barre Denver

Pure Barre Denver

  • Trail running!

Last month I met up with Amanda from Run to the Finish and another gal named Amanda.  This was only the second time I had gone trail running and it was definitely a challenge but fun at the same time.  Oh yea…and the views were GORGEOUS once we reached the top.

Green Mountain Lakewood, CO

  • Lots and lots of walking the dogs

Because I had time off from school and the Denver weather was so sunny and inviting, the dogs and I logged quite a few miles last month.

I also find that when I am in school, when I am having a hard time focusing on the task at hand taking a quick walk break with the dogs is SO helpful.  When I return back to my computer I am able to have laser focus and get all the things on my list done (mostly!).

Bernie and Cooper in Cheesman Park Denver

  • Hiking

We manage to squeeze in a bit of hiking this month and I am so thankful for it.  It’s pretty crazy to me how GOOD being in the mountains makes me feel, because prior to Brian and I moving to Denver I didn’t even know that I liked the mountains and hiking.  Isn’t that crazy?  I guess it just proves that you never know until you try something.

Chief Mountain Evergreen, CO

Chief Mountain Evergreen, CO

Moments I’m Loving:

Our trips home always go by much too quickly, but I am still thankful for our family time last month.  For details about our visit to Indiana, click the link!

What to do in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis

  • My sister moved to Denver!

This is so exciting and it really has been a blast.  She lives very close, so we walk to see each other a couple of times a week.  It’s so fun having family close.

Tara and Brenna Zandi K White Party Denver

  • My new shorter hair

My sister is a hair stylist, so having her close means I get to have a ton of fun with my hair! She recently cut it a tad shorter than it already was and I LOVE it!

Tara Short Hair

Music/Books/Entertainment I’m Loving:

  • Eating on the Wild Side, Eat & Run, and The Art of Simple Food

Ok, so remember last month when I said I wanted to complete all three of these books?  Well, that was a pretty loft goal for the girl who has a hard time sitting still and reading for more than 20 minutes at a time.  That being said, I am half way through Eating on the Wild Side and Eat & Run.  So, I’m making progress!

Books to read

  • Music:  The Avett Brothers, Leon Bridges, Ben Sollee, and Head and the Heart.

This is typically not the kind of music I listen to, but Brian and I are going to a couple of concerts with friends this upcoming month so we have been “studying” up so we know the songs.  While I don’t typically listen to this type of music (I’m too busy rapping to Hamilton) I really enjoy it!

Your Turn!

  • Share a highlight or two from your month!

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  1. I love the new short hair cut! It must be awesome to have a sister that’s a stylist she did a great job. I’m trying a Pure Barre class next week for the very first time, and I’m thrilled about it. I’ve been interested for while but never had the time or energy to try it out.

  2. LOVE the Gel Kayano’s! I switched to Mizuno’s this time around, and (not that I don’t love Mizuno!) I miss my Asics!! Lattes are the best in the Fall too 🙂 Happy September!!

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