Things I'm Loving May 2019 #tararochfordnutrition

Hello and happy June!

We are a full week into this new month and it truly feels like summer here in Indiana. Bring on the sunshine!

I finished a major milestone on a huge project I have been working on last week (sigh of relief!). I’m not quite sure when I can announce what I’ve been working on, but I promise to share here and all over social media. This project took a ton of time away from creating content and resources that I want to share here, but over the next couple of weeks my goal is to come up with a plan so I can share as much here as possible!

Our landscaping has finally started to come together. We have plants planted (so many hydrangeas!), mulch spread, and now we are waiting on irrigation, sod (grass), and a fence. We can’t wait to entertain and live outside once it is all complete.

May was filled with travel, having friends visit our new home, and fitting in activity wherever possible (we started training for the Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon again!).

Other notes from our month:

  • We have LOVED having visitors in our new house. We have bathrooms and bedrooms for all, so it’s fun to share when there truly is space 🙂 Marisa from Uproot Kitchen and Noah visited from Denver over Memorial Day weekend.

  • The #MoveMoreChallenge

On instagram, I partnered with Tawnie from Krolls Korner and Katie from Healthy Seasonal Recipes for a Move More Challenge, where we are encouraging each other and anyone who wants to participate to get a little extra overall movement into the day. This could be taking the dogs on an extra walk, adding an extra 5 minutes to your typical run, setting an alarm to take standing breaks in the middle of the day, etc etc. I have loved being more conscious of movement in my day outside my workout 🙂


I made this oldie but goodie recipe several times this month because it easily serves a crowd, can be made ahead of time or just popped in the oven while everyone is showering in the morning. Then, Marisa and my friend Kate both texted me they were making the recipe as part of their weekly meal prep after enjoying it for their morning meal at my house 🙂

  • Sitting on our front porch

Brian has DREAMED of having a front porch where we can sit, read, people watch, chat, or anything else we want and we finally have it! The pups are obsessed with the porch, it is so relaxing, and I have loved loading it up with plants to make it feel warm and inviting.



  • Snapseed for phone photo editing. This is a free app you can use on your phone to easily edit photos in a similar way as light room. I found it pretty intuitive and I really like how the edited photos look.


  • Spending the first weekend of the month in NYC. One of my favorite spots in the whole wide world is New York! Brian and I had a blast visiting friends and soaking up city life.


  • Lean In on Audible. I may be late to the game on this book because it definitely did not just come out, but while visiting New York a friend suggested I read this book. I downloaded it on Audible and listened while I recipe tested in the kitchen and finished the book in days. I completely understand that this book may not be for everyone, but she touched on some great points regarding women in the work place and roles of leadership.


  • Solidcore workout. Trying this workout had been on my wishlist for the past couple of years, but a couple of months ago we had a Solid Core location open up really close to my house. I gave it a try once and was hooked. It’s a variation of pilates reformer workout, so you really feel that deep muscle burn and shake during and after the workout (which I strangely love). I love mixing it in with my usual Naptown Swift classes and running.


  • The Frame TV. Brian and I have been trying to be really intentional when decorating our new home. If something doesn’t spark joy, we just aren’t keeping it or displaying it, and our black television was not sparking joy. We saw another blogger post about The Frame TV on instagram and were immediately intrigued by the flat design that mounts to the wall like a picture frame and the ability to display images (even your own photos) that look like artwork.  There is only one clear cord that everything connects to (ours is inside the wall) and only one remote that can control Netflix, Hulu, cable, television, or anything else you want it to control. The only thing you do is point the remote at the TV. The best part about The Frame is that there are zero boxes and zero cords! We have had the TV since March and we get compliments on it all.the.time. People either say “do you have a TV?” or “tell me about your TV!” We have had two other friends buy this TV and they love it too. The sound of the TV is great (we don’t have any extra speakers) and the picture is great. You do have to purchase the customizable frame (we chose white) separately, but it is so worth it.

The Frame TV

I hope you all had a fantastic May, and I can’t wait to see what June has in store!

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  1. Just visited Indiana for the first time a couple weeks ago! We were in Indianapolis. The weather went from 85 degrees to 55 in a day, hah!! Your porch looks amazing! What a great place to relax.

    • I live in Indianapolis! And yes – our weather can be pretty crazy. Thank you! We are loving porch life 🙂

  2. The Frame TV is such a cool concept! And I agree, sitting outside on the front porch is what summer is all about!

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