Happy Monday!

Before we get into anything, I have a little something special for you!  I mentioned yesterday that Brian and I were doing something wedding related…well here is a sneak peek at what we were doing.

We got our save-the-date photos taken!  It was such a fun afternoon, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the photos turn out.  You can read more about the afternoon of photo taking on Brian and I’s wedding site, thedealrochfordwedding.com!

On to the real stuff!

U-Relish slow cooked–preservative free–meals in a minute

Back in July, I met Cara, the owner of U-Relish Farm at City Market in Indianapolis after running the Firecracker 6 race.

 I stopped by her booth because the display was so adorable! Cara and I got chatting and she told me that she takes fresh vegetables, beans, and herbs from her farm and garden, dehydrates them, then creates deliciously simply crock-pot meals that are full of real ingredients.  I was instantly intrigued.  When I mentioned that I was the author of a blog, she gave me tons of goodies to try and review.

Each item that she gave me to try had the cutest label on it.  Each label included the number of servings the meal would make, cooking directions, special notes about that particular recipe, protein suggestions, ingredients, and an allergen notice.  It included everything needed to truly know what you were about to make as a meal, as well as what you needed to do to make that meal successful.


White Bean Rosemary

The White Bean Rosemary meal was absolutely delicious!  The savory flavors melded so well together, and I absolutely loved the texture of the beans after they had been simmering all day long.  Cara recommended adding lamb or pork as a protein, but I added Morningstar Farms meal starters crumbles.  All in all this meal did not disappoint.  It made the house smell delicious, and tasted as good as it smelled!

Orange n’ Currant Split Pea Soup

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about trying the Orange n’ Currant Split Pea Soup.  I had only tried split pea soup once before, and I was not quite sure how the orange and currant flavors would meld…well, I was delightfully surprised at the delicious flavor in this dish.  I loved the smooth texture of the soup, and the orange/currant flavor gave the soup almost a sweet and salty flavor with a hint of something cranberry from the currants.   This dish was my favorite by far!  Enough said, I recommend everyone try this dish 😉

Cityhouse Dip

This dip was absolutely tasty!  It had a slightly smoky and sweet flavor that mixed perfectly with raw veggies.  When the dip neared the end of the container, I added in a bit of salsa to stretch the dip and make sure that I was able to eat every last bit.  It was so good!  With salsa and without, I highly recommend the Cityhouse Dip.


Overall, I love the real ingredients that are used in the U-Relish products.  The meals are simple and great for a night that may be very busy, or a night when cooking is just not wanted on the to-do list.  Each dish is full of unique flavors that are truly fresh and from Cara’s own farm and garden!

Not only does Cara sell crock-pot meals for dinner, but she also sells breakfast crock-pot meals that consist of grits and oatmeal (I can’t wait to try one of those!).  

If you are local and want to purchase some of these delicious meals, she sells them throughout the week at her booth at City Market.  If you are not in the area, simply e-mail Cara at info@u-relish.com, and she will work something out with you.

Thank you so much for the products, Cara!  It was so fun meeting you, talking food, and trying your tasty foods!



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  1. Great review and an even better business and owner. Just one of the many hidden gems down at the city market. Thanks for sharing

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