After teaching Body Pump and running a couple of errands, I was on the road to Fort Wayne for a high school friend, Katie’s, bridal shower.

There were some other “Fort Wayne/high school” friends, as well as some of her friends from college, and family.  It was a good mix of ladies to make for a great time celebrating Katie’s upcoming wedding.

We started the evening with a little game of Bridal Jeopardy.  I absolutely love jeopardy, and I actually get a little bit competitive when I play games like this.  Somehow, I ended up in last place!  I screamed a lot of answers, but I think they were all worth 100 points…at least it was fun!

 Katie then opened up all of her gifts.  The whole shower was kitchen themed, and I am pretty sure that her kitchen is pretty well stocked after this little party 😉

 Katie was very careful not to rip or tear any of the bows.  I am not sure if you have heard, but it is a commonly know “fact” that the number of bows you break is directly correlated with the number of children a couple will have.  It was proven scientifically 😉

 The food was absolutely delicious.  I was completely in love with the caprese pops that had tomatoes and basil from Katie’s mom’s garden, and…

 The caesar salad cups!  Romaine lettuce leaves were filled with peppers, tomatoes, croutons, and parmesan all mixed with caesar dressing.  I think I may be recreating these in the future. They were so good and pretty!


Breakfast today was scrambled egg whites with some swiss cheese on top, garden tomatoes on the side, and a little fruit salad of banana and strawberry with peanut butter on top.  Yum!  This was a great way to start the day.

As for the rest of the day, I have some things to knock off the to-do list then I am headed back up to Indianapolis.  Brian and I have something very wedding on our to-do list for the day…don’t worry, I will let you know what it is soon! 😉

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