Saturday, Brian and I had the entire day blocked off for our first marriage prep workshop at the church that we will be married in.

I always feel my best when I get some activity in early on in the day, so I headed over to the gym to pump out three miles on the treadmill.  Pump them out is exactly what I did!!  I really tried to push my pace, and I ended up completing the 3 miles with a 7:30 min/mile pace in under 23 minutes.  Crazy!3 milesThe run felt oh so good and I was ready to hit the showers, but I knew that I needed 10 more minutes of stretching to reach my goal of 60 minutes of stretching for the Flexible February Challenge.  I sat down, stretched out my legs and did a bit of foam rolling to reach my 10 minute goal.

StretchingAfter I got done stretching, I quickly headed home to shower so that Brian and I could go to our marriage prep workshop.  We literally had the entire day blocked off for this, and by the time we were finished filling out a survey 50 minutes had passed and we were told that we were all done!! This meant that Brian and I had the entire day to work on stuff that we thought we weren’t going to have time for.

We first made a pit stop to Calvin Fletcher’s for a little burst of caffeine.

Brian coffee

Tara coffeeThen, it was time for Brian to study and it was time for me to continue organizing our apartment, purchase some home decorations, complete the grocery shopping, and do a bit of food prep.

It was a successful day!  Thank goodness that we had so much extra time 🙂

Food PrepHow did you spend your Saturday?

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