Guess what this past Saturday was?

My 24th birthday!

If I could sum up my birthday weekend, I would say it was full of friends and family and definitely a sweet one!  Lots of yummy treats and fun and loving people to be around.

Friday night, Brian and I kicked off a great weekend with friends by heading out to dinner at a local Thai restaurant called Siam Square.  siam squareThe restaurant was brightly colored on the inside and full of chatty and happy people.  It  had a relaxed, welcoming, and fun atmosphere that would be perfect for any occasion.

We enjoyed dinner with our friends, Alex and Joy.

siam square 3

siam square 4

Everyone ordered the drunken noodles, which were delicious (I snuck a bit of Brian’s!) and I ordered the mixed veggie stir fry with tofu. This was also delicious and just the right amount of food.

siam square 2We wanted to make sure that we didn’t overstuff ourselves, because after our dinner date the next item on the agenda was to attend swing dancing lessons in the Fountain Square Theatre Building.

swing dancing 2I’m not going to lie….I was pretty nervous about these dancing lessons.

Not to worry though, after the live band started, and a couple of drinks 😉 we were all having a great time learning the Rock Step.

swing dancing 5

swing dancingAfter the lesson, which lasted about an hour, the jazz band played and the floor was open to anyone who wanted to dance on it.  We spent the rest of the night whipping out any sort of “swing dance” moves that we had up our sleeves.  It was a great way to spend the evening, and I can’t believe that I was nervous at the start!  I can’t wait to do it again.

Family Birthday Celebration

The birthday celebration continued into Sunday morning, where Brian and I headed over to my sister’s apartment for a delicious breakfast.  When we walked in the door Mom and Brenna were hard at work in the kitchen.

P1000729It all came together quickly and was absolutely delicious!  The menu included a BIG bowl of fruit salad, bacon, scrambled eggs, and Norwegian pancakes (similar to crepes).

birthday breakfast

P1000730We have never had these crepe-like pancakes before, but my mom thought it would be fun and tasty to give them a try.  She was right!! These thin pancakes were so good.  We filled them with Greek yogurt and berry sauce and they were good to go.  Yum!

photo (5)

photo (3)After our little breakfast celebration, Brian and I spent the afternoon at his parent’s house celebrating both of our birthdays since his birthday is only 10 days after mine.

photo (44)

photo (42)We had a delicious dinner of grilled veggies, salad, and grilled salmon.  I always forget how much better the grill makes everything taste…I sure am happy that warm weather is here to stay and the grill can come out of storage 🙂

photo (43)We then opened gifts and enjoyed delicious cake.

bday dinnerI am so happy and thankful to have so many people to celebrate my birthday with.  It was a perfectly sweet birthday weekend!

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