Yoga Pose of the Day is back!  Today’s pose is Camel.

The physical benefits of Camel are that it stretches the thighs, torso, chest shoulders, and throat, strengthens the legs, pelvis, and lower back region, opens the hips and hip flexors, aids digestion, stimulates circulation, increases spinal flexibility, and improves posture.

After teaching Cycle Core yesterday, I thought that a good hip flexor and ab stretch would be the perfect start to the day.


For breakfast, I originally wanted to use up the rest of the raspberries that my mom brought over from the Amish farmer’s market on Friday… but they were bad :(.  Instead I made the same smoothie as I did on Monday with strawberries.


Later this morning I am going to try my first Body Pump class.  I first heard of this class by reading about it on other blogs, and then I realized that I knew someone who used to teach it!  I have been wanting to try this upbeat, intense, strength training class for quite sometime now so I will be sure to let you know how it goes 🙂

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