OK, so I’m a bit delayed in the Christmas recap post department, but Brian and I had such a wonderful time in Indiana with all of our family that I can’t resist sharing.  Also, I know some family reads my blog and I love sharing pictures and stories for them 🙂

Brian Tara Bernie Christmas 2015

I’d be lying if I said this week wasn’t a bit hard for me.  The post holiday blues always seem to hit me hard, and although I know that this year will fly and there are MANY things to look forward to before the holidays return I simply LOVE the holidays and all the family time that is involved.

This year, we spent the first half of the holiday season with Brian’s family in Indianapolis and the second half in Fort Wayne with my family.  So, I thought I’d share the details of our Indy trip first!

  • Driving With Bernie

Last year, we flew from Denver to Indy but this year we decided to make the drive so that we could bring Bernie home with us.

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

If you are wondering, the drive from Denver to Indy (or Fort Wayne) is about 18 hours, so we were in it for the long haul!  Honestly, Bernie did wonderful and sat on my lap and slept for the majority of the ride (thank goodness!!).  While the drive wasn’t nearly as bad as we had anticipated, we were so happy to arrive at our final destination 🙂

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

On Sunday we went to a local community production of Scrooge the Musical with Brian’s family.  It was a cute show and a fun family outing before enjoying more time together with drinks and food at home 🙂

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

  • Christmas Cookie Baking

For me, it wouldn’t be the holiday season without a lot of baking.  Luckily, my sister feels the same way so we got together on Monday and baked up a TON of cookies to deliver to some special people. (And to enjoy ourselves!)

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

  • Fun Drinks and Apps!

We had many family and friend gatherings with delicious drinks and tasty appetizers 🙂  I LOVE those kinds of get togethers!

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

  • Exploring Downtown Indianapolis

While Brian’s Dad, brother and grandma had fun seeing Star Wars, Brian, his mom and I explored the downtown Indy area a bit!

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

We grabbed coffee at Calvin Fletcher’s, an adorable coffee shop in the Fountain Square neighborhood (with almond milk lattes!!)

A new local market opened up called Wildwood Market, so we made a point to visit that shop too!

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

The shop was adorable inside with a lot of local and unique products, homemade goods, and flowers.  I had to resist the urge of wanting to buy just about everything.

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

  • Brunch with the Family at Yolk

On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed brunch with the whole family at a breakfast restaurant in downtown Indy called Yolk.

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

It was really fun to get everyone together to celebrate Christmas 🙂

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

  • Christmas Eve Church

And to top off the holiday celebration with the Rochford fam, we all enjoyed going to Christmas mass together.

Christmas 2015 | Treble in the Kitchen

We then celebrated Christmas at home with the family, watched a Christmas movie and then Brian and I headed to bed so that we could wake up early on Christmas morning to drive up to Fort Wayne to see my family.

Our time in Indianapolis was so fun, but it went by so fast!  We loved every second of the time we had there and are really looking forward to our next trip home (and the holidays next year!)

I’ll be back tomorrow with some highlights from our Fort Wayne visit!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this sweet post, Tara! I do agree with you that family time is always the best time ever! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead! 🙂
    Btw, I started teaching bodypump and am getting ready for the next half marathon in May! 😉 Yay!!!

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one with post-holiday blues 🙂 and YES other holidays and celebrations are just as great!

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