Happy Friday the 13th! 🙂  Can you believe we are already midway through March?  I can’t!

This week has been very productive in the study department.  Honestly, at the beginning of the week I was having a little freak out about not having enough time to get everything done that I needed to get done.  Luckily, Brian and I sat down together to outline my schedule for the rest of the semester and I am just feeling so much better about things.  By this time next month I will be gearing up for finals and kissing the prerequisite courses goodbye!! 🙂  I can’t wait.

This weekend, Brian and I are heading to Breckenridge for a little ski action.


Brian and Tara Skiing

I’m a little nervous since it’s been over a month since we hit the slopes last, but I am just going to take it slow and bring some reading materials so that I can peacefully chill out while Brian skis his little heart out.  I do enjoy myself while skiing, but I am ok with going a couple of times and calling it a day 🙂  I’m still a newbie!

One more thing before I take off onto Five Things Friday business…remember that mystery mascara I mentioned a while ago!? HA, well I am a total goober and never told you what that mascara actually is!

The mystery mascara is the Benefit Roller Lash:

benefit roller lash mascara

I am still using and loving it…so I would say that I recommend it! 🙂 So sorry for the delay on that!

Now onto the regularly schedule Five Things Friday 🙂

Five Things I Ate:

  • Thai Chicken Burgers (with slight modifications to make them low FODMAP…seriously amazing! I am going to write down my modifications and share them with you soon!)

thai chicken burgers

  • Rejuvinating Bowl….holy smokes.  This. Was. Good.  I loved the combination of flavors and textures.  This will seriously be made again 🙂

rejuvinating bowl

egg white banana oats

Coconut Flour Pancakes via Treble in the Kitchen

  • A new-to-me lunchtime salad combo…kale, finely chopped broccoli, shredded carrots, lentils, walnuts, dijon and red wine vinegar dressing.  Yum!

lunch salad

Five Workouts I Did:

  • Taught Bodypump
  • Taught Boot Camp

Post Boot Camp #selfie (but Brian took it…so does that still make it a selfie?)

Tara Group Fitness

  • Indoor cycling
  • Tabata

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Having my study schedule all figure out for the next month.  It makes me feel much more at ease when I am not studying knowing that I have ample time built in for it at other times.
  • Clearing out my inbox(es)!!  Oh yes…it never takes long, but I just have to empty out the inboxes.  I like to respond to e-mails as quickly as possible, file for later in organized folders and keep things clean! Do you like to keep your e-mail clean, or do you let them accumulate? I realize…I am just a little OCD about this 🙂
  • Talking with Kate Scarlata.

Kate blackandwhite

Remember how I am having tummy troubles? Well, things are about 70% better thanks to low FODMAPs, but that’s still not where I want to be.  I was feeling a bit lost and I wanted to make sure I understood everything that was going on inside of me and I wanted to make sure that I was effectively communicating with my GI doctor (it’s harder than you think!).  I was lucky enough to set up an appointment with Kate and chat with her on the phone.  She gave me SO much guidance, information, possibilities, and made me feel very confident that I will make more progress after my next GI appointment on Monday.  🙂  It was also pretty cool to have a consultation with an RD since I am going to be one some day

  • Dance Floor Filth Remixes/Mashups for working out.  These mashups are so fun, super high energy, and have an awesome beat that is excellent for group fitness.

Dance Floor Filth

J from J’s Everyday Fashion posted this dress earlier in the week and I loved it so much (can dress it up, dress it down, it’s super cute, and looks cozy!) I just had to order it in bright blue.  Can’t wait for it to arrive!


Five Pins I Love:

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest here!! I promise it’s not all food and fitness 🙂

Pinterest You Time

Fitness Clothes Pinterest

Fashion Pinterest

Potholes and Pantyhose

Gardening Pinterest

Posts I Have Loved:

Lots of good reads this week!

Bernie and I hope you have a great weekend!

Bernie and Tara

Your Turn:

  • I love it when you share about your week…so share away! 🙂
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  1. I bet you will pick up skiing this time faster than you think! Living in Florida I usually only get to go once a year and every time I go it’s like I never stopped! Have fun!
    Speaking of skiing… I’m spending most of the weekend on the car as my husband and I continue our big move from Florida to Oregon!

  2. I popped into Sephora the week the Roller Lash launched and didn’t try it out – I might have to.

    My inbox is a disaster. Sometimes I think about organizing it, then I get overwhelmed and go back to ignoring it.

    • Whatever works! Sometimes it may look unorganized to the outsider, but as long as it functions for you…that’s all that matters!

  3. Tasty eats!! That’s awesome that the FODMAPS diet is helping. I tried it briefly in the beginning of this year to no avail but I’m glad it’s helping you. Tummy troubles are no fun!

    And thanks for sharing my Orange Balsamic Chicken recipe!

  4. I’m the same way with you and skiing..I’m a total newbie and like to go a few times down the hill but then I’m done. I want to quit before I get hurt or run into a tree! I’m also in love with that dress J posted..I wanted to order it so badly but I held myself back. If you like it too I may change my mind and buy it. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Your food looks amazing as always! I love Benefit mascara, I normally use the “They’re real!’ one, so I’ll have to keep an eye out (ahhh accidental pun!) for the Roller Lash one you mentioned 🙂

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