Hey guys!

This weekend was so wonderful 🙂 After a long couple of days of studying, Brian and I spent our Friday night in with a large bowl of homemade stovetop popcorn (with coconut oil and sea salt!) and The New Girl.  It was glorious!


Saturday morning we got up before the sun so that we could drop little Bernie off at a friend’s while we hit up the slopes in Breckenridge.

Just a little morning #selfie action… anyone know why they make snow pants so awkwardly shaped?  At least they keep me warm!

tara skiing

Brian and I did our traditional pre-ski stop at Clint’s Bakery & Deli.  Brian had the cinnamon roll (it looked heavenly!) and a cup of coffee and I enjoyed a latte.  Yum.

tara and brian

We then hit the slopes for the first part of the day.  I’m still very much on the greens (beginner, easy level) but I’m feeling so much more confident out there.  I didn’t fall once!

Tara skiing

Doesn’t that helmet make me resemble squidward from spongebob squarepants?  HA! It makes my brain look huge!

tara skiing

Oddly enough, Brian posted a pic of us on facebook mentioning that we were skiing in Breck for the day…well the facebook stars aligned and a good friend of ours parents were in Breckenridge for the weekend!  Her mom commented on the pic, we connected and then met up for lunch! It was a wonderful end to our ski day.

Isn’t the scenery unreal!?

Brian Tara and The Wilsons

Once we got home it felt SO good to shower and just snuggle with the pup.  We were both tired 🙂

tara and bernie

We then went out to have a little St. Patty’s weekend fun, but unfortunately I failed to snap any pics.  Believe me, it was a blast!

Sunday morning started with our taxes (yay!) once we finished all we could for the day, we took Bernie on a nice, long walk so we could enjoy the 80° weather.  It was beautiful!

tara walking bernie

So, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Bernie never really looks like he is “happy” or “smiling” like many dogs do.  This is pretty much the only facial expression we get from him…


As we were walking through the park yesterday, I noticed that his mouth was open and his tongue was hanging out!! I immediately had Brian attempt to get a “smiling dog” picture…




Success!!! 🙂


After spending a little quality time with Bernie, we ran a couple of errands, had dinner and got ready for the week.  Such a great balance of productivity and play time.  Just what I like!

And for our meals this week:


  • Quinoa Risotto with Shrimp (was supposed to make this last week, but actually made it Saturday…it was amazing!)
  • Ginger Peanut Lentil Burgers from Hummusapien.  Delish! Made these last night served over a kale and carrot salad.


  • Thai Chicken Burgers with salad (remaking so I can share with you!)
  • Quinoa bowls with sauteed carrots, greens, chicken or shrimp
  • Mexican inspired meal (maybe quesadillas for Brian and a taco salad for me)
  • Bitchin’ Bowl
  • Cod with green beans

Food to Prep:

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and I hope your week is off to an amazing start!

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  1. Love the Bernie smiling pics! My dog is the opposite and she always looks like she’s smiling. She’s a lab mix though, so their snout area is very different than vizslas. Everytime I see your pics it reminds me of Julie from Peanut Butter Finger’s dog! They’re adorable 🙂

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