Hello and happy first day of SPRING!!!

This was just an overall really great week.  Brian was on spring break, so we got to eat Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner together every single day 🙂  That also means Brian was on puppy duty this week, so I could get lots of studying done.  So far, I am RIGHT on track with where I want to be for studying this week, so I am hoping today that I can continue the momentum and finish the week out strong!

Also, the weather has been TOTALLY awesome around here.  I hope things feel warm and spring-like where you are too and I hope your week was amazing!

Now for some Five Things Friday!

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

This week, I had another follow up appointment with my GI doc.  I am currently taking a course of antibiotics because it is very likely that I have SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).  Luckily, Kate is a specialist in this kind of diagnosis, so with the help of her and my doctor hopefully we will get things figured out soon! Kate recommended that while I am on the antibiotics that I liberalize the low FODMAP, then tighten things up once the antibiotics are complete.  I’m mentioning this because below you will notice that I am eating things I haven’t eaten for MONTHS (avocado, pumpkin, almond butter, etc).  Please know that I am doing all of this under the care of my doctor and registered dietitian.  If you have tummy troubles I urge you to seek assistance from a medical professional as well rather than attempting to sort all of this out on your own 🙂

ginger peanut lentil burger

pumpkin oats

  • Smoothie bowl!! (Green for nutrients AND to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day)

smoothie bowl

  • Thai Chicken Burger on romaine with kale salad (recipe coming soon!)

thai chicken burger

  • low FOMDAP taco chicken with a little avocado and broccoli slaw in romaine cups with raw veg on the side.


Five Workouts I Did:

  • Taught Bodypump and took Bodypump at a new-to-me fitness center 🙂
  • Boot Camp
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Tabata and Today
  • Sunday, Brian and I are going for a run! (At least that is what we plan!!)

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • 80 degree weather on Monday!!!  Seriously, guys it was so amazing and sunny. I. can’t. wait. for. summer 🙂

This Bernie licking my legs the ENTIRE time I cooked breakfast on Monday morning.  HA! He is such a goofball!!


  • Brian’s spring break!! Even though I have been doing LOTS of studying and pretty much hanging out in the back room of our apartment, it has been so nice to have Brian (and just another human in general!) around!! I love hanging out with him during the week.
  • My new essential oil diffuser.  I got this little portable diffuser a couple of weeks ago and literally use it all day every day.  I use it while I study, sleep, and just have it plugged in wherever I am.  I just checked it out on amazing and right now, it’s like $50!! When I purchased it, I only spent $30 (including tax and shipping) so hopefully it goes on sale sometime soon.  I love how small and portable it is.  It’s so easy to carry from room to room and I think I will bring it with me when we travel.

essential oil diffuser

  • This DIY dress idea…Love the crop top, but I need a frumpy dress to cut up!

diy dress

  • March Madness and Butler winning their first game!! YAY! I love this time of year 🙂 When I was in college, Butler made it to the National Championships my Junior and Senior year.  It was sooo amazing.  Tomorrow, they play Notre Dame.  It should be a good game, but we have some friends that are BIG ND fans…so things should be interesting! Also my bracket is in third place in our little friend bracket group!! So pumped about that.

Bernie sporting his Butler collar 🙂



Posts I Have Loved:

I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend 🙂

Your Turn!

  • Did you complete a bracket?!  How is it doing?
  • Share something fun from the week/weekend!

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  1. My bracket is a mess! I had Iowa State in the final 4, so my possible points is really low, even though I’m currently in 2nd place. Hope yours does better than mine 🙂

    My dog licks my feet all the time when I’m in the kitchen. It tickles so much but I can never get her to stop! I think she wants me to drop her some food 🙂

  2. The chicken burgers look great!

    I wish you could teach me body pump! Can I fly you to NC for a private lesson?!?

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