Happy Friday!

Three cheers for the first weekend in March! This weekend, Brian and I are going to enjoy a first Friday event, go skiing in Beaver Creek, plan a little trip we have coming up, enjoy the nice weather with Bernie and try to relax as much as possible.

In true Friday fashion, I’m going to share some highlights from my week with all of you! I also LOVE hearing from you guys too, so be sure to leave some fun notes about your week or weekend in the comments section.

Five Things Friday from Treble in the Kitchen

Five Things I Ate:

  • La Croix

I absolutely LOVE sparkling water, and typically make my own with our Soda Stream BUT this week I decided to treat myself with a case of La Croix and I have been loving it every single day 🙂 It seriously makes me feel like summer is just around the corner 🙂

La Croix

  • Roasted Brussels sprouts, turnips, and baked chicken with a dash of curry.  So easy and SO good.  I threw all of these items in the oven at 415 for 25 minutes and they turned out perfect!


  • Grilled chicken and sweet potatoes!! The weather here has been around 60 degrees all week and totally had me craving grilled food.  Monday night I grilled, but I realized why I typically wait until later in the season to cook outside…it was SO dark while I was cooking and I had a hard time seeing the food!  It still tasted great and I placed the grilled chicken over some zucchini noodles tossed with homemade Pesto.


  • Sunday night I made shrimp taquitos from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook and they were amazing.  Brian has already requested them again 😉


  • I made a variation of the Fall Nourish Bowl with shrimp instead of chicken and carrots instead of sweet potatoes.  Another easy and delicious meal perfect for weak nights.

Nourish Bowl

Five Workouts I Did:

  • Taught Bodypump
  • Boot Camp
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Total Strength where the workout was all “303” themed for 303 day yesterday.  (In case you were wondering WHY 303 was important, that is the original Denver area code, so folks in the area like to celebrate)



Nothing too crazy on the workout front, but in a couple of weeks Brian and I will start training for a couple of races.  Can’t wait!

Five Things Making My Happy:

  • Warm weather! Guys, seriously it feels like spring is here! I just remember how Denver weather was last year and I am waiting for a sneak attack snow storm to come around…!
  • Friend coffee dates! I met a new friend on Wednesday for coffee and this morning I am meeting another friend for coffee.  Such a fun way to start the day 🙂

almond milk latte at Thump

  • Fuller House- were you guys Full House fans? Well, I totally was and I really think this new show with everyone all “grown up” is totally living up to the hype!


image source

  • My new singing group!  I am in another singing group called the Denver Dolls, and we spent some time in the recording studio this week recording demos for our web site.  (you can listen here!)


  • Recipe testing this weekend.  At least, I’m planning on doing it! I have a few recipes that I’ve written and now I need to cook them up 🙂 I hope they taste good!

Posts I Have Loved:

That’s all I have for today friends!

Have an amazing weekend!

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  1. I love the new Fuller House. I think House of Cards comes out today and I have been loving that show. I am loving warmer weather too! We hope to get our boat out this weekend and all ready to go!

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