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With Thanksgiving next week, that means the holiday season is officially in full swing!

For me, the holidays mean spending time with friends and family, eating more decadent treats than usual, baking, Christmas music, warm drinks, and a general feeling of happiness everywhere.

pecan pie

Deal kids Christmas

This also means that Brian and I will be having our share of guests over to our apartment and we want to make sure everything is looking spic and span!

Brian Cleaning

Our schedules are looking pretty crazy this coming week and all through the holiday season, so we took a little extra time on Sunday to really clean every nook and cranny of our cozy little apartment so all we have to do throughout the holiday season is a little touch up.

Because I am sure you are all busy touching up your houses in preparation for the holiday season too, I want to share some of my favorite cleaning products with you.

fresh wave giveaway

Fresh Wave.

Have you heard of it?  One of our good friends from Butler introduced us to Fresh Wave back in college and we haven’t looked back since!

Fresh Wave is a safe, non-toxic odor neutralizing product that comes in a spray, candles, gel, pearls, carpet powder, and just about any other way you can think of getting a fresh scent and eliminating the stink into your life.

This stuff is so great because the scent is very refreshing, it really does KILL any bad odor AND it’s made of natural ingredients that I can actually pronounce like:

  • Lime
  • Pine Needles
  • Aniseed Clove
  • Cedarwood
  • Water

Michael, our friend that introduced Fresh Wave to us, wanted to prove that Fresh Wave was safe and non-toxic…so he actually ate it! Now, I wouldn’t recommend doing that on a daily basis, but it just goes to show that this product really is as good as it sounds.

Some of my favorite ways to air freshening tools are:

The Crystal Gel

We leave the gel in our bathroom on the back of the toilet.  This keeps a nice fresh scent in our bathroom and gets rid of any hibernating odors.

fresh wave giveaway 2

Laundry Fresh Wash

I use this for my smelly workout clothes.  It really takes away the sweaty smell that can sometimes be left behind in my workout clothes, but it doesn’t really leave a strong replacement fragrance.  Fresh Wave prides itself on not being a perfume or “masking” the smell and this product really proves that is true!  After a load with the Fresh Wash, my clothes or odor free!

fresh wave giveaway 3

Pearl Packs

I use these little packs in my gym bag and in a drawers that needs to be freshened.  fresh wave giveaway 4

Home Spray 

This spray is awesome!  It seriously works instantly, and it doesn’t leave a strong perfumey odor behind.  It just freshen things up and gets rid of any stink.  I often use this spray after roasting broccoli…does that leave a stinky smell in anyone else’s house??

fresh wave giveaway

All of the Fresh Wave products have a light citrusy, fresh scent when you initially spray or take a sniff, but the light fragrance dissipates very quickly after being sprayed.

If you go to the website you can find the nearest retailer to you. Fresh Wave is available at Bed Bath, Whole Foods, Ace Hardware, True Value, and Do It Best.

Alright friends, here is where it gets good:

fresh wave giveaway via treble in the kitchen

One Treble in the Kitchen Reader will win:

  • 16oz Crystal Gel
  • 8 oz Home Spray
  • Pearl Packs 
  • Fresh Wash

All of my favorites and just in time to freshen up your house for the holidays!

In order to enter, please do the following:  Pick and choose the ways you want to enter.  The only one you MUST do is leave a comment 🙂

*The giveaway ends Sunday, November 24th at 12am EST. 

*Winner will be announced on the blog  and will have 48 hours to respond or else a new winner will be selected.

*Good luck! :)

I received these products from our friend as a wedding gift, and honestly any time he sees us!  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I would love to try the Fresh Wave Home Spray. I think it would help eliminate odor the best for me and my family.
    Thank You

  2. We would put every one of these items to good use! The Crystal Gel would be perfect for the utility room (aka: where the litter box is). The Pearl Packs would also make great car fresheners!

  3. Wow, this is perfect timing because we are having a holiday party and I need to do something about the pesky odor in our carpet. I’d especially love the crystal gel and pearl packs.

  4. I think I’d definitely get the most out of the laundry stuff! I have issues with a lot of laundry products and I’d love to give this stuff a try!

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