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I hope your weekend was great! Maybe you snuck some holiday shopping or other festive activities in?

While I am totally enjoying and loving the holiday season, I still have to focus on my finals for the classes I am taking right now as prereqs for my RD program.  That being said, I am a little busy and I need to take a break from the blog to focus on my studies 🙂

Thankfully, the fabulous and wonderful GiGi of GiGi Eats Celebrities is kind enough to fill in for me today!

We have been blogging friends for a while now, and I just LOVE her sense of humor, outlook on food and nutrition, and funny food videos.   She is seriously the best!


Take it away, GiGi!


Sure… Sure…

You could eat at your favorite Mexican joint down the street… And run the risk of explosive… Well, you know…

Or you could go to the sushi spot that makes your favorite rainbow roll with thick pieces of fish and brown rice… Then wind up paying far too much for it… Only to leave the place hungry…

Or you could even go to… McDonalds… And then get… The meat sweats…

While I am sure you would love ALL OF THOSE REACTIONS… Perhaps I can entice you with a generous helping of Salmon Ceviche as an appetizer, followed by a main course of a thick and juicy In N’ Out style burger… Coupled with a side of Chipkins… Of course

And to sooth your sweet-tooth…? How about a “Zesty” Éclair or two?

The reaction that will surmount?

Oh the feeling you get… Right after… COUGH… AHEM… But in your MOUTH! (So you can leave your clothes ON!)

Do I hear you screaming “HELL YES!” Well in that case, why don’t you dine at…




Not Domino’s Pizza

Paleo cauliflower crust, topped with whatever your heart desires, just ask, it may be in stock!

Flex Tacos

Lettuce boats stuffed with swai fish fillets, topped with an avocado flax dressing.

Flex Tacos via GiGi Eats

Poke You Tuna

Sushi-grade tuna marinated in a sesame oil dressing served with jicama slices.

Salmon Ceviche

Salmon marinated in an olive oil, Dijon mustard sauce served with raw cabbage slices.

Not So Devilish Deviled Eggs – 3 ways

Varieties: Classic, Mexican and Spicy Tuna.

Deviled Eggs via GiGi Eats

Beefy Cabbage Rolls

Seared grass-fed top sirloin cradled in steamed cabbage leaves. Cheddar cheese optional.


Beef Up Your Heart-y Frittata

Grass-fed ground beef, olives, artichoke hearts, and sun-dried tomatoes make up this breakfast-style meal that’s tasty ANY time of the day!

Beef Up Your Hearty Frittata via GiGi Eats

Salad Nicoise

Seared tuna accompanied by eggs, green beans, olives, tomatoes, capers and anchovies.

Turbutkle Bites

All of Thanksgiving’s flavors in one (or two) bites depending on how big your mouth is.

Cranberry sauce drizzle per request.

Turbutkle Bites via GiGi Eats

In-N-Out Secret Menu: “Hollywood Style”

½ pound grass-fed beef patty, protein style (no bun) with the popular fast food joint’s recreated signature sauce, I would tell you what’s in it, but then, I would have to kill you?

“Bagels” with “Cream Cheese”

Your choice of meat (turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, elk, ostrich, venison) spiced just right, shaped like a bagel (or donut?) with a cauliflower, parsnip puree smothered between to “slices”.

Mini Shepherd’s Pies

Wild boar spiced to perfection, topped with pureed cauliflower and celery hearts.

Roasted Seabass

A succulent white fish served with a side kale and wheat berry salad and roasted carrots.

“Spaghetti” and White Clam Sauce

Spaghetti Squash (because of the ever popular gluten-free trend) mixed with cream-less clam sauce. Zucchini or butternut squash “zoodles” can be substituted per request.

"Linguini" with Clam Sauce via GiGi Eats

Sauteed Squid

Tossed with cherry tomatoes and leeks. 

Side Dishes:

“Fashionable” Toast

Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with anchovy (optional) and sun-dried tomato spiked gremolata sauce.

Fashionable "Toast" via GiGi Eats

Johnny Depp in a Bowl

Vegan, Paleo “Macaroni N’ Cheese”

Duo of Sweet & Savory Dips

Eggplant, Artichoke & Coriander blend.

Pumpkin Pie mix.

Pumpkin Dip via GiGi Eats


Dehydrated pumpkin sliced accented with pumpkin pie spices.


Identity Crisis Doughnuts

Vegan, Paleo Doughnuts made from squash and coconut flour shaped like little turkeys.

Cake Doughnuts via GiGi Eats

“Zesty” Eclairs

Your choice of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or cappuccino high-protein “cream” filled pastry made of coconut flour and butter.

Vanilla, Orange and Strawberry Sherbet “Creamsicle”

A manage a tois of fruity flavors married together with “cream”.

Pumped Up Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Pumpkin meets hemp milk meets vegan vanilla protein powder.

Pumpkin Smoothie via GiGi Eats

What’s Poppin’ Tarts

The pastry pantry staple made 100x healthier.

Cake Balls

Balls of allergen-free “cake” to make it feel like your birthday, everyday!

Cake Balls via GiGi Eats

Mmmm Scrumptious!

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