Our second day in Italy started with the breakfast buffet, but I discovered one thing that I hadn’t noticed the day before. Nutella!

Honeymoon 01-IMG_0131

I enjoyed some delicious chocolate hazelnut spread on my banana with hard boiled eggs on the side.  Nutella is just so good!

After our yummy breakfast, Brian and I were headed to visit the Uffizi and the Acdademia.

Honeymoon 03-IMG_0133

The Uffizi is an art museum with an amazingly huge collection of Italian artwork including pieces from Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo with some dating back to the 13th century!  The Accademia is the museum that houses Michelangelo’s David.  Both museums are known for their extremely long lines, so we took the advice of our Rick Steves book and made reservations for each museum about a month in advance.  We were so thankful that we did this!

Honeymoon 04-IMG_0134

Because we had reservations, we were able to walk right to the front of the huge line and show them our confirmation.  We then went to the ticket counter and paid for our tickets and went in the museum to explore.  The process probably took about 5 minutes per museum, which was so amazing because the lines outside the museum were seriously long!

We even had time for a cappuccino in between museums 🙂

Honeymoon 07-IMG_0137

Honeymoon 09-IMG_0140

Once we were done admiring the beautiful artwork, we headed back to the Alba Palace Hotel to check out, grab our bags, and head to the train station.  We also made sure to sign the book in the lobby that all of the international travelers sign.

Honeymoon 15-IMG_0146

Honeymoon 16-IMG_0147

The train station was packed!

Honeymoon 13-IMG_0144

We didn’t have to wait long before the train arrived to take us to our next honeymoon destination:  Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre.

Honeymoon 18-IMG_0149

Honeymoon 20-IMG_0151

Honeymoon 1-photo (8)-003

I had big plans on this train ride to read through the Rick Steves book to refresh my memory about what the Cinque Terre had to offer…

Then, I fell asleep!

Honeymoon 1-photo (9)-002

When I woke up, it seemed like no time until we reached our final destination: Riomaggiore.

Honeymoon 03-IMG_0154

The Cinque Terre is an isolated portion of the Italian Riviera.  These five beach towns are built into an area where the ocean meets the rocky land, so the towns are essentially “beach-towns” but the beach is just very different than what we are used to seeing when we go to the beach in somewhere like Florida.  Each town has it’s own personality and is slightly different from the rest, but they are all offer very friendly locals, beautiful scenery, sun, and the components to a relaxing vacation.

Riomaggiore is where we called “home” while staying in the Cinque Terre, and it is also the town that is the least “touristy”according to Rick Steves.

We got off the train at the train station, and we were ready to explore our new home.

Honeymoon 04-IMG_0155

Honeymoon 05-IMG_0156

We walked through a tunnel to get to the main portion of the town and there it was.

Honeymoon 06-IMG_0157

The town looked just as it had online.  The buildings were bright pinks, yellows, and oranges and the one street in the town went straight up hill.  We walked up the one street to find the woman we were renting an apartment from, Edi (we are still not sure if that is a person or just the company name!)

Honeymoon 07-IMG_0158

After checking in, we were instructed to follow a woman back through the town and up a dark, windy staircase to find our apartment.  The apartment was great, but the view was better. This was the view we had from our home away from home:

Honeymoon 08-IMG_0159

Pretty great, right!?

Honeymoon 17-IMG_0168

We then popped into our bathing suits so that we could explore our village and join the rest of the crowd in the water.

Our apartment is in the gray building with the two white chairs on the balcony in this picture.

Honeymoon 21-IMG_0172

The water was crystal clear and absolutely gorgeous, but the beaches were complete rock which made it very hard to walk on.  After exploring the main beach area and deciding that it hurt our feet just a little more than we would prefer, we found some bigger cliff-like rocks with people sunbathing on them.

Honeymoon 1-photo (1)-002


There was an awesome view and it looked pretty relaxing, so we decided to join them!

Honeymoon 29-IMG_0181

Then, Brian saw someone jumping off of one of the “cliffs” into the water and he just HAD to do it too…

Honeymoon 31-photo (26)-001

Honeymoon 32-photo (23)-001

Honeymoon 33-photo (24)-001

Honeymoon 34-photo (25)-001

He said that it was fun and a little scary, but he was so glad that he did it!  I enjoyed my dry view from the land 😉

After swimming, we wanted to explore our little city even more, so we headed into the main portion to visit all the little shops.  Brian needed a little snack so he got a yummy pesto foccacia (I snagged a couple of bites and boy it was good!!)

Honeymoon 27-IMG_0178

As we were walking I noticed a sign that really caught my eye…

honeymoon 28-IMG_0179

They have gluten free pizza crust in Italy!! Honestly, seeing that sign in a relatively remote part of Italy made me so happy 🙂  So, gluten-intolerant friends…if you were wondering, you CAN go to Italy and enjoy the food!

Once we were done swimming and exploring, we cleaned up for dinner and headed into the town to a little restaurant called Trattoria La Grotta.  This restaurant was not on the water, but it did have amazing views for people watching!

Our meal consisted of two dishes that were labeled as “meals of the local area.”

First, we shared stuffed anchovies.  These were salty and were stuffed with egg, seasonings, other fish, and were just plain tasty!

Honeymoon 36-IMG_0184

We then shared some prawns stewed in a delicious tomato sauce.

Honeymoon 37-IMG_0185

We loved that each of these dishes represented the local flavors.

After dinner, my feet were not doing so well.  My right foot was especially painful and they were both pretty swollen.  I am going to attribute this problem to the fact that I was not wearing supportive shoes. (bad idea!)

Because my feet needed to rest, we sat on our balcony, people watched, drank wine, and iced my tootsies.

Honeymoon 39-IMG_0187

It was a perfect first day at our new destination.

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  1. Ahh! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog! I just got back from Italy and one of the places we stayed was Riomaggiore! These pictures bring back such good memories. Looks like you guys are having an awesome time 🙂

    • Welcome! And nice to meet you 🙂 we adored the cinque terre and riomaggiore! I can’t wait to go back! Did you visit any of the other towns or Italian cities during your trip?

    • Nutella dessert pizza?! Sounds delicious and I would love a recipe if you have one…I always love trying new things!

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