It all fit surprisingly!  And I guess I was being a little dramatic when I said one bag.  I am checking one bag and taking a carry that is actually pretty good sized.  When Brian and I went to New York City last winter for just under a week I took the same carry on, but I used that as my only luggage…so it can fit a lot 🙂

The middle bag has the majority of everything in it, the one on the right is my carry on, and the little bag on the left is what I will bring in my personal bag.  I just have to decide which bag I want as my personal bag!


Now, I am just worried about the weight…the bags feel a little heavy so I will have to figure out a way to check that. I know that I packed way more clothes then needed so I think I will take some out and plan my outfits a little differently.




After I got done packing, I put on real clothes (I was still in my workout stuff) so that I could make an early dinner then head over to hang out with Bella!

A couple of months ago, Brian and I dog sat her her and we are doing it again!  She is such a cutie, Brian and I are looking forward to having a little furry one back in our lives for a little bit 🙂


I then made dinner.  Tonight’s meal was Autumn Mac and Cheese from How Sweet Eats (yet again!  I love her recipes!)  I made this recipe once last year around this time and ABSOLUTELY loved the perfect autumn taste it brought to the table.


What makes this mac and cheese so special are all of the little add ins, like brussel sprouts and onions…

Butternut squash and apples…

All mixed in with a smoky cheddar cheese sauce and topped with bread crumbs…tastes just like fall 🙂

Brian has another one of his volleyball games tonight, but in the mean time I am going to play with my iTouch (it’s really making me want an iPhone) and download some new apps!!

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