I finally know what all of the hype is about!


Last night, Brian and I met with some friends for dinner at a nearby, local restaurant called Bakersfield.

Because this restaurant is very close to where Brian and I live, we often walk by on the weekend, run past during an evening run, and drive past always making note of how packed this restaurant and bar is!

Everyone raves about this place and says the “must try” items are the fish tacos, margaritas, guacamole, and the queso dip.

Brian and I arrived at dinner a little bit earlier than our friends, so we started off with the recommended basket of guacamole and chips.


Now, Brian and I are pretty big guacamole lovers and we often make a pretty darn good recipe of our own at home.  We weren’t quite sure we would be that amazed by this guac….well we were!! This guacamole was amazing.  We aren’t sure WHAT the special ingredient was, but we literally licked the bowl clean (OK, maybe not literally, but we talked about it!)

We also started off with a round of the mason jar margaritas.  YUM!

tara at bakersfield

The margaritas were just as delicious as my friends had described.

Once Whitney and Colleen arrived and we chatted for a bit, we decided to order some tacos for dinner.


I opted for the famous Fish Taco and the Huitlacoche.   The huitlacoche was a corn truffle with cheese and black beans….it was good!! They were both amazing AND served on homemade tortillas.


After eating our amazing dinner, finishing our tasty margaritas, and enjoying the casual atmosphere of Bakerfield we headed back to our apartment to show Whitney and Colleen around.

They also surprised us with this amazing print of one of our wedding photos!

whitney tara and colleen

Whitney is a graphic designer and is amazingly talented when it comes to design, and the effects she added to this picture are so amazing!  We love it!

The evening was so fun, and such a treat on a week night.  We loved seeing our friends, and the restaurant was awesome. Brian and I will definitely be heading to Bakersfield more often…it’s only a walk away!

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  1. that wedding photo print is SO GORGEOUS! oh my gosh! and that guac looks like heaven and i’m not even huge into guac. mason jar margs? be still my heart! or liver? 😉

  2. […] If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I’m so ready for the weekend. Jordan and I have been disconnected this week because of work schedules, and I’m ready for a date night. We might just have to try Bakersfield; I’ve heard so many good things! […]

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