Sifted spelt flour creates a whole grain base for these fluffy, delicious low FODMAP pancakes. Topped with a crunchy trail mix topping for a fun sweetness and texture boost!

Low FODMAP Pancakes with Crunchy Trailmix Topping

I’ve partnered with FODY Foods to create this recipe but was not compensated for my time. 

We are coming off of the Mother’s Day weekend high in our house!

Our celebratory weekend really started on Friday, as we surprised Brian’s mom and grandma with plants we potted and planted at their homes and then shared lunch together.  We then had a fantastic private lesson with our dog trainer (the perfect gift for this dog mom!) and headed up to Fort Wayne to spend time with my family on Friday night and Saturday.

While in Fort Wayne, we relaxed, played in the yard with all the family pups, helped my mom prepare her garden and ate at a fun new-to-us restaurant in downtown Fort Wayne, The Hoppy Gnome.  <—I absolutely recommend The Hoppy Gnome if you are in the Fort Wayne area!  The flavors are unique, there are TONS of options, everything is made from scratch, and the staff welcomes any substitutions or requests to make a dish exactly how you want.

After spending Saturday in Fort Wayne, we then spent Sunday prepping the house and cooking up a storm for Brian’s family.  It was a weekend filled with fun and love 🙂

Low FODMAP Pancakes with Crunchy Trailmix Topping

I don’t know about you, but for me pancakes absolutely scream a fun weekend celebration.  Saturday mornings were pancake mornings growing up, so there is still something that feels so special about eating pancakes for breakfast.

Saturday morning, I woke up early before the rest of the family.  After poking around in my parent’s cupboards, I whipped together a breakfast spread (including pancakes) and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire family.

While Mother’s Day has come and gone, these pancakes can be made on any Saturday or for any celebration 🙂

Low FODMAP Pancakes with Crunchy Trailmix Topping

These pancakes are low FODMAP because they are made with sifted spelt flour.

Spelt is an ancient or heirloom grain that has not been hybridized like modern wheat.  It is a whole grain that contains many nutrients. It is not gluten free, so this grain is not suitable for anyone with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

Spelt also contains a type of carbohydrate called fructans that are an oligosaccharide, which may be irritating to individuals with IBS, BUT when spelt undergoes certain processing (such as fermentation in traditional sourdough bread making) or when it is sifted (to remove the bran which reduces the amount of fructans) it can be tolerated by some people.

I find that sifting the spelt flour in these pancakes makes these a delicious, whole grain pancake option 🙂

Low FODMAP Pancakes with Crunchy Trailmix Topping

The crunchy Trial Mix topping!? It’s the Mockingbird Trail Mix from FODY Foods!  While it’s a fun breakfast topping, it is also a great snack for on the go because it comes in pre-portioned packs!  Seriously, I love this stuff!

For the full pancake recipe, make sure to pop on over to the FODY Foods site 🙂

Hope you have a great week!

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