Mother’s Day is this Sunday…I can’t believe it!

Each year, the only thing my mom asks for is that my siblings and I help her get her plants, garden and yard ready for the summer ahead.

Pic of Mom

gardening with mom

gardening with mom

As much as I really don’t like gardening (sorry mom!), I truly look forward to spending that time with my mom and family each year.  Unfortunately, this year, I won’t be able to spend that time with my family because Brian’s graduation from dental school is that day.  Luckily, I will see her on Saturday the day before Mother’s Day…but it still won’t be the same!

That being said, I have been thinking about some other Mother’s Day gifts that I could give since this year I won’t be able to give the gift of time.  Here is my gift guide for those of you who are busy with other commitments, live far from your mom, or just want to get your mom something special…

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I got this for my mom and sister for Christmas and they loved it.  The necklaces are delicate and can easily be worn as an “every day” piece of jewelry.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

  • Fresh Plants

Last Mother’s Day, we got my mom a lilac bush to plant in her yard.  She has always loved the scent and beautiful purple color of lilacs, yet never had her own!  She loved the idea of planting one in her backyard, and it’s beginning to sprout little flowers this year 🙂

mothers day 3

Mom hasn’t tried Green BEAN Delivery…yet! Green BEAN is an online home delivery service that sends members organic produce and groceries.  Signing up is super easy, you can customize your order, and it’s really fun to come home to a giant green box full of yummy food on your door step!  You can check out my review of Green BEAN for more details about my experience.  Not sure if I will get it for mom for this gift, but it’s definitely a thought in the back of my head!

**Edited! In honor of Mother’s Day, Green BEAN Delivery is offering all Treble in the Kitchen readers $15 off their first purchase with this code–>15TITKml

Thanks Green BEAN for the special discount!

green bean delivery

My mom has this book and absolutely loves writing down her thoughts for the day.  I’ve looked at some of the prompts and I really want one too! The idea is that you write down one thought/memory/idea from the day for five years so you can go back and compare and remember all the special things that happened.

mother's day gift guide


My mom has ALWAYS been a candle lover, and now I find myself stopping at every candle store just to take a sniff 🙂  These Warm Glow candles smell absolutely AMAZING, I love the unique look, and they are made in the US.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Warm Glow Candle

Your Turn!

  • What are some of your favorite gifts for Mom?

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  1. AWWW mom’s day! I never see my mom on mom’s day! It’s sad 🙁 But I do call. She doesn’t need any gifts or so she says! LOL! Honestly, she just goes and gets what she wants when she wants them! LOL!

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