This year, a goal of mine has been to attend a yoga class or practice yoga at home at least one time a week and I have been pretty successful!  I am even able to get Brian to attend with me on occasion.

Yesterday morning, we were both ready to go at our 6am yoga class despite being a little sore from our workouts on Monday.  When we got there, we were the only participants there!

Brian and I didn’t mind, and neither did our instructor.  She even helped us do some partner yoga.  It was very fun 🙂

tara and brian yoga

After work, I led my Mini Marathon Training Group in our 7 mile run.  The run overall was good, as we were able to maintain under an 8:30 pace, but somehow I mapped our course a bit short.

We were scheduled to do 7 miles but set out to do 8, and when we started to head back we realized we were only at about 6.  With some creative on-the-fly thinking we were able to extend our run another mile.  The group was ready to be done at 7, and so was I.  It was so cold and windy!

7 mile run

Because it was so cold, I literally felt chilled to my bones the rest of the night.  I didn’t even want to take my jacket off!

cold tara

After a light dinner and packing my bags up for another day of work, I grabbed my kindle and headed into bed right around 9pm and I was snoozing by 9:30pm.  It sure felt good to get into bed early!

reading kindle

PetBox Review

A couple of weeks ago, the folks with PetBox reached out to me asking if I would give their fun box of goodies for puppies a try.

While I really wanted to say yes, Brian and I don’t have a dog, but I instantly thought about my parents!  So, instead of me (or my dog) giving the PetBox a try, I had the package shipped to my parents so their puppies could test things out.

pet box

PetBox is kind of like BirchBox, but for your pets.  You sign up for a subscription and each month you receive 5-7 full-sized treats and dog items in the mail.

pet box

pet box

Gypsey and Rosemary (my parent’s dogs) received a deshedder, teeth cleaning gel (no brush required), Aussie ear, and a couple of different small treats.

pet box

Gypsey is a HUGE chewer and eater.  She will eat just about anything in sight, which is why that Aussie ear had her name all over it.  Mom said she absolutely loved this treat!

pet box

pet box

They also received some little peanut butter and applesauce treats.

pet box

These were perfect little bite-sized treats that my mom said were EXCELLENT for training.

pet box

Check out the ingredients:  applesauce, peanut butter, buckwheat…pretty impressive if you ask me!  Not only were my mom and I impressed, but the dogs couldn’t get enough of these.

pet box

My mom thought these were the favorite until…

pet box

Until she opened the Quickies Sweetheart Treats.

pet box

Mom said that when she opened these treats up it smelled like fish because the ARE fish.  Simply dehydrated haddock.  These were also the perfect size for training.  The dogs go crazy when they catch a whiff of these!

pet box

pet box

Mom was so impressed by the treats and goodies in the PetBox and the dogs were in doggie heaven.

pet boxAnother cool thing about PetBox?  They have a new spokesdoggy!  Butler’s mascot, Blue III!

When the folks at PetBox mentioned this, I instantly had high expectations and trusted the company as Brian and I both went to Butler and we actually know Blue III’s owner 🙂

blue III petbox

Some other great things about PetBox?  With each box sold:

  •  A portion of the proceeds are sent to sustain the live mascot program at Butler University.
  • Give back to the community! For every box that goes to a subscriber, a rescue animal is fed.
  • Every Friday, the PetBox team sends a shipment of dog and cat food to rescues, shelters, and volunteer groups.

PetBox Discount

The team over at PetBox was kind enough to offer all Treble in the Kitchen readers 10% off your PetBox orders with the code TREBLEKITCHEN (and the code never expires!).

Now, Brian and I just need to get a dog so WE can try these amazing treats!

Question of the Day:

  • Have you ever purchased a monthly subscription “gift” service?  (Stich fix, BirchBox, PetBox, etc…)  Tell me more about your experience!

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  1. Awe pet box is cute! I have been subscribed to conscious box for about a year now and they send a nice sized box of healthy products like organic and non-gmo foods, supplements, tea, vitamins, etc. I love it!

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