Just about two weeks ago I ran my first half marathon of the year.  The weather was gorgeous, and I was quickly reminded that race season is HERE!

mini marathon 2014 21

Maybe it’s different wherever you live, but it seems that as soon as May arrives and the weather is a tad bit more predictable there is some sort of race (half marathon, 5k, 10k, mud, obstacle course…) going on in the Indianapolis area.

I love running races because I love having a goal to work towards, an event to train for, taking advantage of the great outdoors and doing something different than my typical gym/group fitness routine.

That would be me running in my first half marathon 3 years ago!

women's half marathon

Even though I truly love running races, it’s not something I can do all the time.  My hamstrings and hips are always tight, so it’s important for me to give them a break from running every once in a while.

It’s also important for me to take good care of my muscles and joints during my running “season.”

Because the weather is warming up and there are SO MANY racing opportunities, I know a lot of you are probably taking your exercise routine outdoors and signing up for a race or two.  I’ve also received a few questions asking about post-race recovery, stretches for runners, and how to deal with post-run soreness.

Well, my friends, if you are training for a race this summer this post is for you!  I have compiled 7 of my favorite post-run stretching and foam rolling blog posts from around the web to help you deal with those sore muscles and prevent any future aches and pains.

Post Run Stretching and Foam Rolling via Treble in the Kitchen

3 Stretches to Relieve Hip Pain – While training for my most recent half marathon I experienced some minor, but new-to-me hip pain and these stretches REALLY helped get rid of that uncomfortable feeling.  Get the 3 stretches that helped me most at Treble in the Kitchen.

Answers to 5 Hurts So Good Questions About Foam Rolling – Foam rolling is something I am so glad I looked into once I started increasing my running distance.  It really helps alleviate muscle tension and soreness in a different and deeper way than just stretching.  Get the inside scoop on foam rolling at Healthy Tipping Point. 

10 Stretches for the Entire Body – It’s so important to stretch your legs, hips, and lower body while running but it’s also important to stretch EVERYTHING else too!  Get 10 stretches for the entire body from Tina Reale.

My Post Workout Stretch Routine – We all have a different post-run routine, and it’s great to get ideas from other people and fitness professionals.  Paige outlines her entire stretching routine and demonstrates how to perform the stretches too.  Get the entire stretching routine from Trainer Paige.

Top 5 Post Run Stretches – As I said above, we all have a different post run routine.  This post outlines my absolute favorite stretches that keep my legs happy post run.  Get the top 5 post run stretches from Treble in the Kitchen.

4 Pigeon Variations to Stretch Tight Hips – Many people suffer from tight hips whether they are running regularly or not.  These yoga pose variations are simple to do and will help alleviate any tension in the hip area.  Get the 4 pigeon variations to stretch tight hips from Peanut Butter Runner.

Yoga For Running-3 Poses You Should Practice Now – Yoga doesn’t just help tight hips, there are poses to help the entire body that would be great to add into your regular post-run routine.  Get the 3 poses you should practice now from Cotter Crunch and She Rocks Fitness.

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