Happy Monday!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend no matter what you were doing.

My weekend involved lots of this:


Prepping for my upcoming certification weekend is fun, but I am still getting nervous.  I just want the weekend to be here NOW! 🙂

cxworx notes

I made a BIG pot of chicken noodle soup for my little sister.  She actually lives a couple of blocks away from me and is getting over strep throat.  She told me the soup would make her feel better, and I couldn’t say no to the request!  I pulled out our Le Cruiset for the very first time (it was a wedding gift!) and I love it.  I can’t wait to make more soups in it.

le cruiset

I threw every veggie we own into a bowl and called it dinner.  Yum!

big salad

Sunday morning started with my final long run in my half marathon training.  I can’t believe how fast I ran those twelve miles…sometimes the body is just amazing.  I am very happy with the pace I was able to maintain and will post a training recap post later this week.

12 mile run

After my 12 mile run, I made a loaf of Julie’s (Peanut Butter Fingers) Pumpkin Banana Loaf for Brian and I had to sample a piece…Boy is that stuff good!

pumpkin banana bread

Nothing too exciting happening at the Rochford residence, but still a great weekend.

Now it’s Your Turn:

  • Share something fun/exciting/anything from your weekend!
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  1. I loved that chicken soup ! I need to do it more often and maybe sneek in some pumpkin too!
    Oh yes, there are some stubborn ones – they really have no idea what they are missing.

    • Davida, that is one of the GREATEST things about getting married…all of the amazing and generous gifts!! 🙂 Not judging at all!

  2. I love pulling out wedding gifts and using them for the first time. 1 year and 3 months later, we’re still doing that, and it’s fun!

    I couldn’t run the Monumental this year, but I’ll be volunteering at the expo on the Friday before the race!

    • I would LOVE to meet you…what booth will you be at!! AND How lucky that you still have unused wedding gifts! FUN!

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