Happy Friday!

I hope you all started your day off right with a delicious treat like I did:

quinoa breakfast parfait

Quinoa berry breakfast parfait for me.  I layered plain Greek yogurt with quinoa, blackberries, cherries, and strawberries for a winning combination topped with almond butter.

quinoa breakfast parfait


Weird Things I Do Daily

Ok friends, now it’s time for a little Friday randomness…

Recently, I have been thinking about a lot of the WEIRD things that I do every day and how thankful I am that Brian is going to put up with that for the rest of his life 😉

I think everyone has their weird little quirks, but here are some of the strange things that you can find me doing/thinking during a normal day!

  • I think about how tight my legs are and that I should foam roll more and do yoga more…and then I usually leave it at that.
  • I start about 50 to-do lists before crossing one thing off of any of them.
  • I lay out all of my clothes, shoes, accessories, everything before going to bed…even if it’s super late!
  • If I am making oats that day, I will always have a bite of the oats raw.  Weird, but I like it.
  • I drink about 20 water bottles full of water and then wonder why I have to go to the bathroom so often.
  • Open up a million tabs on my internet browser of things I am “going to read” and I will leave them up for days before getting to them
  • It always takes me DAYS to put away my laundry.  I literally put it in a spot that is in the way so I have to put it away…and I just go around it!
  • I can say no to the actual cookie, but when there is cookie DOUGH involved, the answer is almost always yes.
  • I belt it out to broadway tunes in the car when I drive home.
  • I triple check my bags to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything…and I still forget something.

So there ya have it!  Some of my weird quirks!

Question of the Morning:

  • What is one weird thing that you do as part of your routine???
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  1. Awesome post, so fun! I do so many strange things in a day as well! I quadruple check that the front door is locked before I leave the house. I also love leaving tags on new clothes until the absolute last second I have to wear them in public, keeps the “newness factor” fresh. Man, I could go on & on. Happy Friday!

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