Let me just start by saying that I didn’t use my camera to full potential at all tonight.


Right after work, I came back to Bella’s (the puppy I am dog sitting) house to meet Brian before his parents picked us up to go to his cousin’s engagement party.  I don’t think that any of us knew what to expect from this engagement party, and we had plans to go out to dinner afterward.


After arriving, tasting some of the (very heavy) appetizers, meeting several family members, and admiring their beautiful home we quickly canceled our dinner plans and made an evening of the engagement party.


I had a great time because I was able to meet members of Brian’s family that I had only heard stories of.  To me, it was like I had a giant puzzle with all of the pieces spread out on a table and no idea where to begin placing things together.  After meeting everyone tonight, the pieces finally began to come into place.


The decor was perfectly fall with little lanterns lighting the way in their backyard.

The food was so yummy.  My favorites being the veggies and all of the dips (hummus, spinach, and some others that I don’t even know the name of!), and delicious guacamole with plantain chips for dipping.

Look at the cute wedding cookies and little bride and groom dolls decorating the food table!

There were also several desserts, including a very cute (un-pictured) engagement cake.  Brian and I shared two blondie type bars.  One having what I think were blueberries, pears, and pistachios and the other having bananas, nuts and white chocolate chips.

After the party, Brian’s parents were in the mood to hang out and suggested getting a drink before heading home….and Brian and I turned them down!

With Brian’s exam on Monday and me having to be at work at 6:30am tomorrow…hanging out late just wasn’t in the cards.  Even still, we had an amazing Saturday night 🙂  I love hanging out with family!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

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