Last night, Brian and I had dinner plans with a great friend and her mom.

mesh dinner 1

They wanted to take Brian and I to dinner as a chance to celebrate our upcoming marriage and so that we could spend some quality time catching up with each other.  It was such a treat to go out to eat on a week night, and to see the two of them.  Things have been so busy and go-go-go recently, that it was really nice to slow down and simply enjoy the evening.

Liz and Betsy (Liz’s mom) arrived at our apartment and we gave them a quick tour, sat down for a glass of wine, and just chatted before walking over to Mesh on Mass for dinner.

The weather truly felt like summer, so walking to dinner and enjoying the warmth and sunshine outside was a real treat.

mesh dinner 4Of course we started our meal with the pomme frites (my fav!) and some calamari.  The calamari went unpictured, but was just as delicious as the pomme frites.  The calamari was served with a wasabi dipping sauce that truly made the dish.  They were so good!

mesh dinner 3For my main meal, I opted for the Vegetable Melange.  Again, this was just so tasty!  It wasn’t too heavy and the portion was not overwhelmingly large, but I still had trouble finishing my plate despite the delicious flavor of the dish.  The thing that really made this dish “pop” was the chimichurri seasoning.  It was just so good!

mesh dinner 2

Brian and I are so thankful for last night.  We are thankful to have great friends, thankful that we are getting married in 35 days (!!!), and thankful that we were able to take a WEEK night to relax and enjoy special time with special friends.

Question of the Morning:

  • What have you done recently to take a break and relax during the busy work week?

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