Happy Hump Day!

I hope your week is great so far 🙂

Many of you have requested a “day in the life” style post…so here ya go!

This is what my Monday looked like this week

5:00am–wake up get ready for the gym, check e-mails, start the week on the right side of the bed 🙂

Tara - Day in the life

5:30am–head to the gym and grab a Healthy Bite to eat on the way.

Healthy Bite - Day in the Life

6:00am–do a bit of weight lifting

weights - Day in the Life

6:30am–head into Erin’s tabata cycle class (love the speed work!!)

day in the life - spin


I also read a little bit of “The Skimm” on the bike while waiting for class to start.  (Gotta love multitasking!)

the skimm

7:00am–head home

7:40am–arrive at home (traffic in the morning is horrible!)  keep telling myself to “focus!!” I need to stay on task so that I can be 100% productive today (well… and everyday)

7:45am-8:15am–shower, get ready for the day, and put laundry away

laundry - day in the life

8:30am–eat breakfast, check a little social media

breakfast - day in the life

8:45am–get out my study materials.  Mondays I focus on my Medical Terminologies course.

Study stuff - day in the life

8:50am–throw some chicken, spices, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, and water chestnuts in the crockpot and hope for the best 🙂

crock pot - day in the life

9:00am-1:00pm–study, study, study (got it all done!!! Doesn’t always happen…)


lunch - day in the life

1:30pm-2:00pm–respond to some e-mails and send in all the recipes I tested this weekend.

2:00pm-2:30pm–pack my bags for tomorrow, pack a little food to take with me before rehearsal, get ready for nannying then heading straight to rehearsal for Holiday Party Singers

packed bags - day in the life

snack - day in the life

3:10pm–time to nanny!! 🙂  I practice Bodypump in the car while waiting for school to end.

Bodypump - day in the life

4:30pm–(I normally don’t leave this early, but I have a rehearsal tonight for Holiday Party Singers and the family I nanny for is kind enough to let me leave early!!)

5:00pm-7:00pm sing, sing, sing 🙂  The day before Thanksgiving is our debut show!!

This is our costume!  How fun!

holiday party singers - day in the life

7:00pm-7:40pm– Drive home

7:40pm–eat something…it’s so late compared to when I normally eat and I didn’t have a chance to eat before rehearsal.  Luckily my crockpot concoction turned out.

crock pot meal - day in the life

8:00pm-9:00pm–chat with Brian, make sure I have everything ready to go for tomorrow, and go pick up some packages from downstairs (the property manager had them.)

packages - day in the life

I’m so happy with these packages!

I got some Love Grown treats:

love grown

And some peanut butter from  A Loving Spoon to make some holiday treats with!! Can’t wait to experiment with this 🙂

a loving spoon

9:15pm–brush my teeth, wash my face, put jammies on

9:30pm–lights out and IN BED!!


So there ya have it friends.  That is a little peak into what my life is like right now, but I can assure you that every day is a little different.  I also want to make sure you realize that no one is perfect in the decisions they make throughout the day (with food, exercise, rest, productivity, etc), so please keep that in mind when commenting below.  Thank you for being interested in my life and in this blog.  It’s so fun to share with you!

Your Turn:

  • What happened during your Monday??
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  1. Love posts like this 🙂 I get asked all the time how I fit everything in, so now you’ve inspired me to do one sometime soon! I had no idea you were a singer!! Wow! And your outfit for the show is ADORABLE!!!

  2. I did love your post! Thanks for sharing your day in the life 🙂 Btw, the gym you were wearing its shirt has missed you! 😉

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