This morning, it was a chilly 55 degrees outside as Brian and I made our way to the gym.  I wore a sweatshirt jacket, and ALMOST considered wearing pants over my shorts…but held off!  It seems as if we blinked and fall weather was suddenly here.

In honor of the VERY cool temps, I made myself a hot and delicious bowl of pumpkin oats.   Topped with peanut butter and banana.

Pumpkin Oats

Not only am I enjoying pumpkin, but I am thoroughly enjoying fall squash being back in season and I enjoyed roasted butternut squash TWO nights in a row.  YUM!


AND it may be a bit early but….we put up our fall decorations!

fall decor

We only put them up inside our house…we are saving outside for later 😉

fall decor

fall decor

I just couldn’t resist!

Happy Tuesday and ALMOST fall!

Question of the Morning:

  • Have you put any fall decorations up around your house?
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  1. those decorations are cute but i’m in denial about this cold so i will be keeping the fall decor i put up in my cubicle at a minimum until i absolutely have to put it up! but i am loving all the roasted veggies that fall brings, and all my fave restaurants are serving up so many yummy squashes!

    • YES! I am loving the decor and food…but not the cold weather. It seems like we just started wearing sundresses a month ago! 🙁

    • Fall is fine for running…winter is where it gets tough!!! I put egg whites in my oats for some extra protein…I swear you can’t taste it though!! AND they are super filling 🙂

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