Last night, I completed my first “official” crossfit WOD (Workout of the Day) at Crossfit Naptown in downtown Indianapolis.

crossfit 4 treble in the kitchenCrossfit Naptown offers a free introductory class every Thursday at 6pm for people like me, who are brand new to crossfit.  I actually wanted to check out Crossfit Naptown for another project that I am working on (more on that at a later date!) but I thought that it would be helpful to share my first ever crossfit experience with all of you as well!

crossfit 1 treble in the kitchenSeveral other bloggers belong to crossfit boxes in their own cities and post about their WODs and the community that they enjoy.  I feel like I am always reading about it!  Because “crossfit” is such a buzzword right now, I couldn’t help but want to know what all of the hype was about and try things out first hand.

The Intro Class was perfect for me because it gave me a chance to ask questions, learn about what “crossfit” really is, why people love it so much, learn the crossfit standard technique for some basic movements, and try it out for myself.

crossfit 2 treble in the kitchenOnce 6pm hit and our entire group had arrived, our crossfit lesson began.  In the group there were young people, older people, fit people, and people who were less experienced with working out.  We truly had a little bit of everything, but the thing we had in common was our lack of experience with crossfit.

So, what is crossfit?

Merritt, our wonderful instructor, explained that crossfit is a strength and conditioning form of constantly varied exercises.  Each workout focuses on either strength or endurance, uses the full body, and uses functional training movements to help you get stronger doing the things that you do every day.  She explained that rather than working to be the strongest or the fastest, crossfit helps everyone be an awesome “generalist” so that instead of being the best at one thing, you are pretty great at everything.  There is a big difference between the fittest and the strongest man on the planet.

Another thing that everyone emphasized was the community that crossfit has.  They all explained that crosssfit isn’t just a place to show up where no one knows your name.  They make a point to make sure that everyone knows everyone’s name, so when you walk in the door you feel welcome.  Everyone holds each other accountable, and they become each other’s family.

crossfit 6 treble in the kitchenAfter our quick lesson about the background of crossfit, we learned everyone’s name, warmed up with some burpees, and then went over the crossfit standard for some basic movements that we would be completing in our very first WOD.

Here is a look at what we were completing:

crossfit 7 treble in the kitchenBeginning with the rowing machines, we each manned our stations and started our first workout for time.  We worked our butts off to complete the workout as quick as possible.

One of the great things about crossfit is that even though there are standards and everyone is a little competitive, at the end of the day you are really competing with yourself.  You are trying to get your best time, trying to squat lower than before, or do a pull-up with less assistance.  It’s totally up to you, because you set your own standard.

crossfit 8 treble in the kitchenI ended up completing the workout in 6:02…I was the first female to finish and even beat some of the boys 😉 It was a really fun way to be introduced to the whole crossfit atmosphere.

crossfit 10 treble in the kitchenNow, you may be wondering how I completed 10 pull-ups…well, I am not going to lie and tell you I did them all on my own.  They had these special bands to help you get yourself up over the bar.  Honestly, I can’t even do one pull-up on my own, so I was more than happy to take the assistance. 😉

crossfit 9 treble in the kitchenThanks so much, Crossfit Naptown, for showing us the ropes, teaching us some technique, and truly introducing us to the crossfit culture.

crossfit 11 treble in the kitchen


Question of the Morning:

  • Are you a crossfitter?  If so, what do you love about the crossfit culture, and what keeps you coming back for more?
  • What advice do you have for beginners in crossfit?

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  1. I’m a big runner but I’ve toyed with the idea of doing crossfit too… the problem is how much it costs. For how much I run I just can’t justify paying the costs for crossfit when I wouldn’t use it more than 1-2 times a week.

    • It is definitely a financial commitment, but the box that I went to seemed really understanding. The price was based on the number of times that you went per week, so if you were supplementing your workouts with running you could get away with going less times a week! I definitely recommend trying the intro class 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience girly! I feel lucky that my first (and only) full WOD took place at Reebok’s Crossfit box on a trip with Fitfluential. The intro style class really was a great way to learn about the method behind the workout and the community. GREAT job being top female and beating the guys! But it’s true Crossfit is about being your personal best and I like that because as someone who compares herself to others too often, I need all the help I can get avoiding that. I just wish that my gym offered Crossfit because I don’t want to join a box and pay a second gym membership, so no Crossfit for me for now!

    • How lucky that you got to go to Reebok’s Crossfit box!! That is amazing 🙂 I totally understand what you mean about wishing that your regular gym offered crossfit or something like it. I am kind of in the same boat. Teaching classes, training for a half marathon, and attending my favorite group fitness classes don’t really leave time for me to get another gym membership…maybe in the future though!

  3. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 14 weeks now, also in the Indy area. I’m over at TitanFit. I love it. The workouts are very social, and the other CrossFitters do a wonderful job of cheering each other on. I keep going back because of the incredible progress I keep making every time. Every workout is something I haven’t done before.

    Best advice: listen to your body. Learn the difference between good sore and bad sore. Push yourself. Learn when you need a rest day. Eat, especially lean proteins. (Edamame, garbonzo beans, spinach.) I know it’s only a 20-45 minute workout, but you’re burning a ton of calories. Cheer your mates on. It really makes a difference, and it doesn’t happen at regular gyms. Ask questions. Make sure you get good instruction when you get into lifting. Push yourself! (Did I mention that one, yet?) Have fun!

    • Yay for another person from Indy! Even though it was just an intro class, we were all super supportive of each other, so I can completely see how the community develops and is just part of the Crossfit culture. Learning when rest days are needed is the hardest thing for me because I get so addicted to the workout high, but I know they are important! Thanks for the great advice, Jarrett!

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