Does anyone else think that this weekend went by EXTREMELY fast?  I woke up this morning and almost didn’t believe that it was actually Monday.

I’m thinking the weekend went so fast because Brian and I crammed so many activities into it.  The weather was warm, sunny and absolutely wonderful in Indianapolis.  It truly felt like summer, which made it easy for Brian and I to be outdoors and active.

On Saturday, we went for our first picnic with our friends Joy and Alex and used our new picnic supplies.

picnic 1

One of our wedding gifts was a back pack full of silverware, plates, wine opener, salt and pepper shaker, and glasses.  The back pack also has a large pouch to put food to eat on your picnic with ice pack pouches to keep things cool.  It was pretty awesome to have all of this stuff conveniently packed.

picnic 2

We had way more than enough food to go around!  We enjoyed veggies, cheese cubes, hummus, olives, sandwiches, caprese salad, and some wine on our mini table that is the perfect size for picnicking.  Isn’t it cute?


We enjoyed our lunch among nature, and even got to witness a dear in the distance eating her lunch too!

picnic 3

It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon.

picnic joy and alex

We can’t wait to do it again!

picnic tara and brian

We were picnicking at Eagle Creek Park, which is great for trail running and walking and renting boats.  It really doesn’t feel like Indianapolis, yet it is only about 15 minutes from downtown.  After lunch was finished and cleaned up, we decided to take a walk to explore a couple of the trails.

It was so pretty!

Although I knew that Eagle Creek was close, Brian and I have never taken advantage of it before but I can definitely see us taking some trips up there in the future to hike around and explore even more of the trails.

picnic 4

After we dropped Joy and Alex off at home, Brian and I went shopping for a bit (I was in the mood for a little retail therapy) then got ready to hang out with some of our friends that were having a cook out.

The building that their condo is in has roof top access, and because the night was absolutely gorgeous we spent the evening enjoying the sunset on the roof.

brian and tara roof

murat sunset

Dinner consisted of grilled veggies, salmon, and unpictured sweet potato fries.  Everything was amazing!


We washed down our yummy dinners with some very tasty sangria.

sangria dinner

It was great to have so much fun on Saturday, so when Sunday rolled around Brian and I didn’t have any problem being productive and preparing for the week.

Question of the Day:

  • What was one fun thing that you did this weekend?
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    • What was your DIY project?!?! I love Pilates, so I can understand how a great class will make your weekend 🙂

    • So fun!! We had a family reunion a couple of weeks ago 🙂 I LOVE family tradition foods…yum!! What were some of the foods you made?

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