Boy do I have a workout for you today!

Recently, I have been lacking in the workout department here on the blog…not because I haven’t been working out but because Bodypump and running have been taking up most of my fitness time.

Lucky for you, I subbed a Circuit Workout class this morning and took my participants through this killer, sweat-inducing workout.

60 minute complete body circuit

Make sure to begin the workout with a dynamic warm up and finish off with some stretching.

Hope it’s a sweaty one for you too!!


Question of the Day:

  • What does your “regular” workout week consist of? 

For me, it is Bodypump, running, yoga, CXWORX, and a little Bodycombat 🙂

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  1. Looks like a toughy. Before leaving my OB/GYN here in Kuwait & reaching out to an Alternative Medicine Dr. based in Wisconsin (for infertility), I was told I could only walk 30 minutes, and yoga here & there 4x a day.. however my new Dr. says I should only be doing 15 minutes high intensity workouts 3x a week & no more. So yup, lots of kettlebell workouts lately.

    • Thanks Holly!! I know sweat doesn’t REALLY dictate whether it was a good workout or not, but the sweatier I feel the harder I feel I worked out!

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