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Pumpkin Blender Pancakes for One

For the past few months, Brian and I hav been living with his parents.

We sold our first home back in November while we were visiting Thailand, and have been working with contractors to renovate another home that is pretty much in the same location as our first house.  

The timing of the two houses being ready to go at the same time, did not line up…which is why we are living with Brian’s parents!  

The reason I am even bringing this up is because I have VERY limited pantry and refrigerator space, which means I am constantly thinking about how I can use food that has been in the freezer/pantry for a while and how can I stretch a few ingredients to go as far as possible.  It also means I don’t have a ton of storage for leftovers, so single serving and small batch recipes are a must!

Pumpkin Blender Pancakes for One came to life because honestly I had quite a bit of pumpkin leftover from November and the holiday season!